Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thoughts about brushes

When I started to get really interested in make up, I never really thought much about the beauty tools that went along with it. I tended to use the applicators that came along with my palettes. I came to realise that no matter how expensive my make up is, if I did not do a good job of applying them well, my make up will look gaudy and cheap.

I started buying MAC brushes.  I started with my MAC 116 blush brush and the very useful 213 fluff brush. I added the 224 blending brush, 219 pencil brush and the 239 shader brush. I also had 2 187 duo fiber brushes and bought MAC travel set brushes. I was very contented using them. Over the years, I found gems in the Giorgio Armani Blender Brush and Ecotool Powder and Blush brush.

I don't think I treated them very well. It is only recently that I realise that I was treating them rather poorly. For convenience sake, I've been spraying my brushes with the MAC brush cleanser after each use. Every two weeks, I soak them in a solution of MAC brush cleanser and water then give them a wash with either shampoo or liquid soap. I like them squeaky clean but perhaps my way is also causing the hairs to deteriorate as well. I have been reading that alcohol is bad for natural bristled brushes. When I soak my brushes in water, I am also damaging the ferrule.

After spending a bomb on Hakuhodo brushes, I resolve to treat them with the utmost care.

I would love to know how you care for your brushes. I am sure every one has their own special routine. Do share!


  1. Oh.. my routine is so not fancy at all. I just wash my brushes every 2 weeks or so (sometimes longer, eek) - since I only used to use powder products for face, it's not so bad. I just wash them in some facewash by putting some in my hand, adding a little water and swirling the brush on my palm individually. Then I rinse and repeat the washing process again. I always leave the brushes head down while washing because otherwise water could get into the ferrule. Then I repeat this with all my brushes - I usually only use 2-3 on a regular basis so it doesn't take long! I never used the MAC brush cleansers because of the alcohol content - they are more meant for quick washes for commercial makeup artists, I think. After squeezing out the remaining water with a towel lgihtly, I shape the wet brush head and leave my brushes on a tissue to dry under a fan.

    Btw, i really should go get those ecotools brushes!

  2. The number of MAC brush cleanser bottles I've used! My poor brushes.

  3. Empty brush cleanser bottles = Back 2 MAC empties!

  4. The Hakuhodo care instructions give me every reason to be lazy! ;p I used to wash my brushes every 1-2 weeks with baby shampoo or with the Shu Uemura brush cleanser every few days for a quick cleaning. Now, once in months or when the brush hair feels heavy and is losing its softness. Exception is my natural hair liquid foundation brushes. So lazy me now simply use fingers to apply liquid foundation. Now I reserve my Shu Uemura cleansers for my synthetic brushes.

  5. Hey Nonno, I know! I haven't been washing my brushes!

  6. sorry for this late comment but i saw it when i was looking from my phone and did not comment on it on nov! hehe now that i have the time i just wanna say that thank you for posting up the how to take care of your brushes section as now i have been combing my brushes whenever i wash it and i think that its a good way to extend the lifetime of the brushes!! XD

  7. Hey Evie, your comment just reminded me to comb my brushes. I just washed them yesterday! I'm glad you found my post useful, thanks for commenting.


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