Friday, November 25, 2011

Suqqu Haul

I am very excited to receive this. Dear KS, thanks so much! KS a really nice reader offered to help me pick up some Japanese cosmetics while she was in Japan recently. I knew I could not pass up the opportunity so decided to try Suqqu. I really did not know what to get until she turned my attention to the Christmas Sets. Fruity Lashes has an excellent review and swatches of it. I liked the swatches so much I ordered it.

KS and I met for the first time last night under seriously rainy conditions. I love meeting people equally obsessed with make up.

I wish I could have better pictures for you but the rainy spell has put a damper on things. Better pictures, swatches and reviews on a later date. I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of what's to come.

When I opened it, I was like ooooohh. I love the pretty colours. Reviews soon, pinky swear!


  1. SUQQU is OMG - luxurious!!
    I am sure you will love it like no others, the texture is to die for =)

  2. Joey! I'm wearing them now. So silky! Me loves!

  3. Gorgeous set!! Suqqu has amazing quality! But oh so exorbitant =P

  4. Luna, so true! My wallet cried a little.


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