Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smoky night look, a small Ardell haul and ramblings

I have a dance performance that I am so excited about! 

My passion is dancing. I've been taking dance classes for almost 10 years now. I've done Hip Hop, Jazz and Salsa. After DS was born, it was hard to find the time and energy to get back to dancing. But for the last couple of years I'm glad that my fitness regime and dance have gotten back on track. I must say how good it feels to be able to dance again. I've been taking Cardio Latino classes at a local fitness centre but I want something with more choreography work. Something that requires me to dance the whole song. Anyway since the end of last year, I've been thinking of taking up pole dancing. I found this little studio called Groove Studios that offer pole dancing and much more. So instead of taking up Pole Dancing, I've been taking up Exotic Dance. Nothing makes me feel more confident and powerful as a woman then when I'm in dance class.

So the studio celebrates twice a year with something called Groovy Nite. They invite international pole dancers etc. and put up performances by student dancers. I decided to try out for a slot and now I'm excited to say I'll be performing in December. I'm going dressed as a naughty school girl so I decided to try out a smoky eye look to see if it would work out. I went to Guardian to look for dramatic lashes that would go with the look.  These two sets of lashes came from with me.

I am used to wearing very natural looking false lashes so these are a little bit overwhelming. My application is also terrible so bear with me.

Without falsies

What I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Blackground Paint Pot
Dior Sky Glow Quint (the dark grey and white)
Chanel Illusion D'ombre Mirifique and Fantasme
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

I tried out both lashes unfortunately 103 was placed badly so it looks awful.

Left to right: 103 lashes and 107
Badly applied Ardell lashes 103

Ardell lashes107
Up close these lashes look massive. They look quite unnatural, do you think they would look okay on stage? Do you have any other false lash suggestions? How should I do the rest of my face, I'm totally clueless. Should I pack on the pink blush? Do a stronger pink lip? Help!


  1. It's really nice to hear that you're into the dance classes! And pole dancing does sound very naughty, but very physically demanding. I suggest that you do your makeup to what makes you feel confident and comfortable. The lashes look fine! I wouldn't go anything more than putting on a contoured cheek with some matte light bronzer. Do play up your hair, tease it to give it more volume and curl it at the ends. Very cute and sassy looking! ;-) Have loads of fun!

  2. your eyes look amazing! i think a slightly warmer pink blush will look good together



  3. Ladies thanks for your kind comments!

    Tracy: Thanks for the idea! I'll go try it. I'm not doing pole dancing, it will be a lap dance, my DH has volunteered his lap ;). I'm so looking forward, I'll post my costume if I can!

    Rena: Thanks dear. I'll try my Chanel JC Rose Petal for the warm pink blush.

  4. Jacq! You look great! I've been wanting to try out pole dancing for a bit because I know a bunch of friends who do it and it's actually physically so intense. I've been doing ballet regularly and jazz on and off, but it's been pretty hard to find the time for dance so I really understand. I'm hoping maybe when work gets going into a routine that I'd be able to go for dance regularly again.

    Interestingly enough, I've bought those very two lashes before for dance performances. Your makeup looks good, but are you using a proper stage with stage lighting? If so, then you need more blush, darker eye makeup (it will look crazy in person but it has to be OTT since the stage lights will wash the colour out especially from far), and definitely darker lips. The lashes both look really good though and I think they are def suitable. Good luck with the show!

    Not sure you know about this, but the Chanel Rouge Allure Lacques are being d/ced and I remember you like them?

  5. Hey Rachel! Every time I see the pole ladies at my studio do their thing my mouth gapes in awe. The amount of upper body strength and dexterity needed. I also understand how painful it is at first because of all that friction that is needed to hold yourself up on the pole.

    Can you imagine I was a hip hop person? I started off with hip hop then did some jazz. I do hope you will get back to dance again, it is so invigorating to be able to dance.

    Thanks for the make up tips dear. I hold what all you ladies say here dearly. I appreciate all your comments. I'm going to experiment and try out all the suggestions, I hope to post my final performance look.

    I know about the Rouge Allure Lacques, what a shame! I'm wondering should I stock up on some of my favs but then again I have so many. ;)

  6. Hey Jacqueline,
    I think the eye colors can be OTT. I agreed with Rachel's comment that the stage lights tend to wash out the colors...

    For fake lashes, I find that All Belle Lashes from Taiwan has a good range with dramatic yet natural looking. You can get them in Far East Plaza or Bugis Village.
    But the prices are highly marked up here compared to Taiwan.

  7. Haha yes I've done hip hop too but I'm terrible at it! Quite hard after all that ballet training. I quite like jazz because the style is a bit less strange than hiphop to me. I still do ballet but not anything else.. I'm hoping maybe I'll be able to join dance classes at a gym/fitness centre as I far prefer dancing to running on the treadmill which I find boring. Running is much more flexible when you have limited time though.

    LOL a rare moment of self restraint re: Rouge Allure Lacques! ;) Guess you have more than enough new babies from Burberry to make up for it. I'm allergic to the Rouge Allure Lacques unfortunately - tested them once at the counter and my lips swelled up and became super itchy :( I love Chanel Glossimers tho.. have way too many for my own good and I should get back to using them! They are quite affordably priced in duty free (just under $30 I think) which doesn't help. I'm thinking of trying SK II, have you tried it before?

  8. Elaine: Thanks for the lash suggestion, I'll pop by Bugis when I'm free. I love false lashes.

    Rachel: I have difficulty with jazz bec I do not have a ballet background. I find the classes at fitness clubs boring after sometime. Not enough choreography.


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