Monday, November 28, 2011

Sigma Brushes Haul and Review and Give away! CLOSED

I am on a roll hauling brushes. Some of my brushes are getting old and splayed and I'm hell bent on replacing them. I had such a wonderful experience with my Hakuhodo brushes. But they can be quite expensive so I decided to get some wallet friendly Sigma brushes and at the same time compare them.

This was my order.

CodeItemQtyPriceGrand Total
F40Large Angled Contour - F401$14.00$14.00
E30Pencil - E301$9.00$9.00
E70Medium Angled Shading - E701$9.00$9.00
E55Eye Shading - E551$9.00$9.00
E25Blending - E251$9.00$9.00
E65Small Angle - E651$9.00$9.00

Shipping was quite fast, I received my package in two weeks. My brushes came in a nice little red mesh pouch.

All the brushes were protected with a plastic sleeve.

There are exactly the same length as my MAC brushes.

The wooden handles felt sturdy. I chose the Large Angled Contour brush because I did not have one like this. This costs USD $14 and is made of natural bristles. I am most disappointed with the white coloured brushes especially this one. I found that this brush shed the most. During wash, at least 5 strands fell out and more fell out after wash and drying. It also had a pretty funky smell even after I washed it twice. I don't expect it to be as soft as my Hakuhodo brushes so for its price it was quite soft. Blush application for this brush is on the sheer side. It does not pick up too much pigment. I like the angled shape because it makes it easy to contour.

The Blending brush faired better. It did not shed but looked a little splayed after wash. This brush was soft and did what it was supposed to. 

The pencil brush picks up quite a bit of pigment, really good for the hard to reach places. It is soft but not as dense as my Hakuhodo version.

Left to right: MAC and Sigma

The eye shading brush is wider than my MAC Fluff brush. Great for blending or for all over lid wash. I did  not like the fact that while applying my eye shadow, this brush shed a few hairs on my lids.

The medium angled shading brush is great for patting eye shadow on lids. It is soft and picks up a good amount of pigment.

The small angle brush has stiff bristles and is quite precise. I use this to either smudge my eye liner and set my eye liner with shadow. It works well as an eye brow brush or to apply gel eye liner too. Very useful.

Overall, I am quite happy with most of my brushes. If you are a girl on a budget, Sigma brushes are a good place to start your brush kit. Prices are really affordable even with the shipping at USD $14.39. I also managed to get a 10% off using a promo code. Shipping and delivery was quite fast. My order went through without a hitch. 

Personally I think you can get eye brushes from them. The eye brushes do their job, they don't shed and are quite soft. You can also get the synthetic brushes because ultimately they aren't made of animal hair so I am guess the quality can't differ that much.

I would rather spend more to get better quality face brushes. I feel that for the face, it is worth getting soft and dense brushes because it makes application easy and a joy. You never want to pack too much on your face especially with blush and face powder.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

I received an extra Blending brush as a gift. So I'm giving it away to someone who wants to try it. Just leave me a comment about your favourite brush in your kit. This is open to everyone but please leave your email so I can contact you. The give away closes on Saturday, 3rd December 2011 at 12 p.m. Singapore time. My trusty random generator will be on hand to pick the lucky recipient. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for your review on Sigma brushes. I just bought mine too during the black friday sales with free shipping. I also gotten E55 and E30 am waiting it to arrived. Neverthless, Sigma brushes is cheaper than MAC and i loved them lots! Btw, how wld u compare MAC vs Hakuhodo brushes?

  2. Hi Jacqueline,

    I was undecided whether to buy the Sigma brushes during the Black Friday sale because I've been using MAC, Shu Uemura & Hakuhodo brushes, so not sure if the quality would be within expectations. Hope I get a chance to try my first Sigma brush with your giveaway. Cheers!

  3. Hey Sawpo, good luck! Sigma brushes are ok brushes not the best of quality but they will help you get the job done. They are surprisingly soft to touch too.

  4. Wow, they seem like a really good deal for natural hair brushes! I like the way they're packaged so nicely with the brush sleeves, it makes it so much easier for travelling. I only have synthetic eyeshadow brushes right now so I guess I might try out the natural hair ones from them in future. I don't use many brushes but my favourite would be my natural hair Bobbi Brown face blending brush - it's a nice size for powders and I can even use it as a blush brush because the size is really versatile. Please enter me in your giveaway!

    email: fionastar[at]

  5. Ahhh I've been thinking about trying sigma brushes! But the white ones don't look so good :( Heard good things about some of the long handled kabukis though! Maybe I shall indulge a lemming after these exams.. 2 papers tomorrow arghhhhh

  6. Thank you for your honest opinions on the Sigma brushes. So many beauty bloggers are Sigma affiliates and I always have to take their reviews with a grain of salt. I've been tempted to try Sigma brushes, but have never followed through.

    I was wondering if you have the MAC219 and if so, how does it compare to the Sigma pencil brush?

    ps Your Random Generator is the finest one in the blogosphere. :)

  7. BooBoo Ninja thanks for your comment! Good luck! I'll do a comparison of MAC, Sigma and Hakuhodo Pencil brush. Look out for it.

  8. Thanks for writing back! :)
    I have very sensitive eyes, so I'm always looking for soft, nonscratchy brushes.
    Are there times when it's not good to have soft brushes?

  9. BooBoo ninja: I find that soft brushes tend to deposit sheer washes of color as opposed to concentrated colours. So if you are going for string eye looks and intend to pack plenty of colour a stiff brush it better. That being said, scratchy brushes have no place in my brush container. I hate scratchy brushes.

  10. I have many favourite brushes, all for different uses. ;p Except for 1 MAC brush, all my favourite MU brushes are Japanese brands and made in Japan.

    There's one brush that deserves special mention though. It is my Koyudo crease/blending (eye) brush. It's similar to Hakuhodo S142 but possibly slimmer and less dense. It's perfect for my small eye lids so I no longer overdo the crease/outer v and I no longer smudge all the colours together when blending the edges of different eye colours. It's also great for lining my lower lids. Love it!


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