Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Techno Gold GD 803 Reviews and Swatches

Yup I went and added yet another Shimmering Cream Eye Color to my collection. These are just so good I want to collect them all!

Techno Gold is a true yellow gold. Quite dramatic.I realise I can't wear Techno Gold on its own. Somehow yellow gold doesn't look good on my eye lids. I need to pair it with something else. Black looks really good with gold. I wish the liner was more crisp but this was a quick look I put together.

I tried to do the look with Purple Dawn and Techno Gold like what Dick Page has done without much success. The blend of colors look a little muddy and faded.

I apologise for the crappy liner. This was a rushed job. Anyway, Techno Gold pairs well with many other shades. I can see this being paired with green shades like Patina or Moss and also brown shades like Leather and Sable.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. You've gotten the very colours I've been eyeing: Patina, Techno Gold and Purple Dawn! I like Moss too but scared it would look too "youthful" on me. What do you think?
    Looking forward to more EOTDs from you in the other colours! :)

  2. Hey Nonno, Moss is coming up! I'm one for experimenting it's only makeup so try! You can start with sheer layers close to your lash line. Moss is a really pretty fresh colour.

  3. OOh, usually I wouldn't think of purple and gold together since they're not 'complementary', but somehow they do look quite attractive together!

  4. Hi Fiona, it looks great on the model but unfortunately not me. I bet someone with a lighter skintone will rock the gold purple look better.


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