Sunday, November 27, 2011

D.U.P Eyelashes Fixer Ex. Holy Grail Eye Lash Glue!

If you like putting on false lashes, you know how important a good eye lash glue is. I need to let you know that you have to, yes HAVE to get this because it is the best freaking eye lash glue evah! Yes it is even better than DUO.

I came across this through the make-up blogette's post about her favourite things. If she says that it is better than DUO glue I knew I had to try it. So I went searching on Ebay. It is quite easy to find it and it cost me SGD$16.70 including shipping to get it sent to Singapore.

There are three tubes available, Clear Type, Black Type and Rubber Type. I picked the Clear Type. I don't recommend black eyelash glue at all unless you are an expert and are able to place your lashes precisely all the time. Black glue is visible and will smudge up your eye make up if you are not careful.

I wish I could give you a clearer picture of the brush but my silly camera refuses to focus on it.

Anyway, I love the brush applicator. It makes application a breeze. No more squeezing glue onto a cotton bud and figuring out where to put the cotton bud while you wait for it to get tacky. I hate that part, I don't have a good place to put my cotton buds and they tend to roll off and stick onto my dressing table.

The consistency of the glue is runny but once I apply a thin layer of it on to my false lashes I can apply my false lashes without waiting for the glue to be tacky. My lashes stay in place almost immediately and it dries very quickly too. The clear types dries to an invisible finish. Even after many applications onto my false lashes, the glue does not leave a shiny glaze.

It does not sting my eyes and the best part, they are also easy to remove after. By the way, you should remove false lashes using a cotton pad soaked with eye make up remover. My initial foray with false lashes left me with skimpy lashes because some of my real lashes came off together with my false lashes when I peeled them off. 

The last time I tried to peel off my falsies with Ardell's Brush On  Lash Adhesive, a couple of my own lashes came off to my horror and anguish. With D.U.P. I could peel them off with very little pain and loss only a single eye lash came off.

This is a great nifty little product and I recommend this to everyone. Try it please!

Edited to add:

A very sweet blogger by the name of Elaine is selling this at her blogshop called Beauty Palace Sg. Go check it out!

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. yay!! glad you love this glue as much as I do! :)

  2. Sophia, I do! So easy to use! I'm never going back to DUO.


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