Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hakuhodo Brushes Review

(Information taken from Hakuhodo US website)

Hakuhodo Co., Ltd., established in 1974, is located in Kumano, about 20 km east ofHiroshima. Kumano is renowned for havingmanufactured Japanese calligraphy brushesfor about 200 years. There are more than 100brush companies in Kumano, producing 80% of the brushes made in Japan.

Hakuhodo is one of the leading makeup brush manufacturers in Kumano, producing 500,000 brushes monthly. It also has been producing and providing high quality makeup brushes for many leading cosmetic companies and makeup artist brands worldwide as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufaturer) supplier. Through these collaborations, we continue to make the ultimate fude, the perfect tool.

I only started lusting over make up brushes when I noticed the sorry state of my own brushes. At the same time I also came across blog posts about various brushes and the brand Hakuhodo came up. Many bloggers have been raving about their high quality and super soft brushes. I wanted to replace my powder brush and perhaps get another blush brush so I decided to buy some to try.

Hakuhodo brushes are expensive especially their S100 and Kokutan Series. But don't let that stop you from exploring the brand. The K and Basic series are quite comparable to MAC prices.

These brushes are gorgeously soft. They feel so good on skin!

I ordered a mixture of basic and K series brushes. These brushes have basic black wood handles and nickel  brass / silver ferrules. Every brush is engraved with the Hakuhodo name.

K002 Powder Brush round and flat  (E0155)

Side view
The E0155 powder brush is part of the K series. It is my most expensive brush at USD $64. It is made of Blue Squirrel hair. Blue Squirrel is the softest natural hair around. Because it is very soft, it is good for applying the lightest wash of powder, blush or highlight on the face. As you can see, it is slightly shorter than my MAC brush. It is also paddle shaped, from the side view you can see that it is flat.

203 Powder Brush pointed (E0102)

The E0102 Powder Brush pointed is made of goat (Ototsuho) hair. It costs USD $47. An interesting bit of titbit. These brushes are hand-crafted. The tips of the hairs are not cut unlike other companies. 

K001 Highlight Brush round and flat (E0154)

The E0154 is made out of Blue Squirrel and Horse hair. It costs USD $24. It is flat and as you can see is a small little brush. I plan to use this to apply my powder highlighters.

G542 Concealer L (E1375)

The E1375 is made of synthetic fiber. This is mainly used for cream and liquid products. This was one of the brushes recommended to me for applying liquid highlighters. It costs USD $18.

B533BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed (E1143)

I am planning to replace my MAC crease brush. It is getting really scratchy and unpleasant to use. The E1143 is made of horse hair and costs USD $18.

K005 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat (E0158)

The E0158 is made of weasel hair which is very good for picking up pigment and packing on colour. It costs  USD $15.

I gave all my brushes a good sniff and am glad to say that none of them smell bad. As per instructions I gave them a wash of warm water and shampoo. I dipped my brushes into warm water and I was extra careful not to dipped them past the ferrule. During wash, none of the bristles came out except for one lone hair from my concealer brush. After wash, they smelled clean not funky.

I also realised that that is no way of identifying these brushes unless you have kept records of them. There are no numbers on the handles to identify the brushes. Strange.

When they dried up, I gave them a gentle combing. 

I realise that my E0155 round and flat powder brush is much pouffier. 

Post wash
Pre wash
My other brushes did not have the same issue. My pointed powder brush E0102 also looked slightly pouffier.

Post wash
Pre Wash
Anyway I am not worried about it. Now they are so soft and clean. Time to use them!

My babies in their home. 

I will do more in depth reviews of each brush and how they perform in future. Right now they will be put through their paces.

You don't really have to spend so much on brushes. There are many cheaper brands that do the job equally well. I will be doing a review of Sigma brushes which I also bought around the same time. 

Sometimes soft doesn't equate to being good. For example, if your eye shadow brushes are too soft, they can't pick up pigment and will only give you a soft wash of colour instead of intense colour. However, I cannot deny how luxurious it feels to have super soft brushes glide over my face. They feel like a soft breeze. They don't scratch and are such a delight to use. I am very happy with my buy and am planning to slowly phase out my old brushes. If you have the moolah to spend and love well made beauty tools, you need to try Hukuhodo.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. I love this detailed post and your brilliant storage idea!

  2. Hey Kate, thanks for stoping by! I think I need a bigger container!  my brushes are growing.


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