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Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer Swatches and Reviews

(Image taken from Nordstrom website)
Information taken from Nordstrom website

Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer is a beautifying concealer with a lightweight fluid texture that perfects and highlights natural beauty. Easy to use, it minimizes imperfections and covers blemishes while adding highlights to the face for an overall luminous and healthy look. The innovative formula combines a hydrating complex with unique silicones to offer a protective formula that glides for improved blendability. Also contains wild rose extract, which provides moisturizing benefits and regenerating properties, leaving skin hydrated and smooth.

How to use: To cover blemishes and redness, use the brush directly on the skin and then gently blend with your finger. To erase dark circles and small blue veins underneath the eyes, use a shade lighter than your foundation and tap onto desired area. To use the Sheer Concealer as a highlighter, apply to select areas, including top of cheekbones, bridge of nose, bow of mouth and inner corner of eyes. 0.08 oz.

I picked up quite a few things when I attended the Burberry Beauty workshop. The new sheer luminous concealer was one of them. This was one item I'm kinda on a fence about. It was an item I should have thought about more before taking the plunge. You see, I already own two concealers and am loving the Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch and seriously don't need another one. Anyway I got caught up in the whole excitement of things and picked it up.

The sheer luminous concealer comes in a click pen applicator very much like the YSL Touche Eclat.

As I was clicking, I had visions of my failed Elis Faas experiment. After clicking for about 5 times, I was getting a little worried. Do I have to send it back? After clicking a few more times and while holding the pen with the brush pointing downwards, I began to see the concealer flowing out. Whew!

Left to right: Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer No. 02, Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch 3.5 and MAC Select Cover Up NC 35
From the swatch you can see that No. 02 Soft Beige is the lightest of them all. It is also the sheerest. From what I learned from Celestine Sng, your concealer must always be lighter than your foundation shade. Although it is the lightest, it still blends well into my skin tone, the area I want concealed looks brighter. I'm glad it doesn't emphasize my fine lines, neither does it turn cakey during the course of the day.

It dries down very quickly so I have to apply and blend before I move on to another area. Once it dries down, it is really difficult to blend after. Te first time I used it, I took my time to apply it on both eyes before I started blending. I ended up with a streak that I couldn't blend out. 

It is sheer, it does not cover up my sun spots, instead it lightens them.

I like it but don't really love it. My Giorgio Armani High Precision (to be reviewed in the future) is creamier and more emollient, it straddles nicely between being too opaque and too sheer. It is just the right consistency for me. I also have issues with the click pen. I'm impatient. After one click when I don't see anything coming out, I tend to click a few more times. Then the concealer gushes out and I realise I have way too much product. 

Blended out

Without concealer
With Sheer Luminous Concealer
I'm not sure of the click pen design, on one hand it is more hygienic. I hate how product wells around the mouth of my GA High Precision Retouch tube. This click pen design makes sure that everything is in the tube, not around it. I need to make sure I clean the brush every time I use it, in case it causes a blockage.  I hate using this in a rush because I either get too little or too much product. To get around this problem I have resorted to clicking the pen twice then applying my primer and foundation. Then coming back to the concealer and hoping that the concealer has flowed out.

At SGD $52 or USD $40 it has 2.5 ml or 0.08 oz of product. My GA High Precision Retouch goes for USD $36 and has 0.14 oz of product. For me, my GA concealer wins hands down.

If you are looking for sheer coverage and something to brighten your under eye area, you can try this. Especially if you don't mind clicky pens. But if you want more coverage especially if you have dark under eye circles, you may want to skip this. I don't think it is worth the amount you pay.

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks

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