Friday, November 11, 2011

Burberry Lip Glow No. 05 Tea Rose Swatches and Reviews

Image taken from Nordstrom website
(Information taken from Nordstrom website)

Formula: A creamy touch and perfectly adherent texture. Light oils and spherical powders give fluidity and comfort.

Benefits: Reflects light to create illusion of plumper, fuller lips. Leaves lips supple, glowing with natural highlights and subtle iconic tones.

Protection: Ceramide complex recreates the intercellular cement. Hydrating formula keeps the lips replenished. Fine lines are filled from within, lips are naturally plumped.

I got suckered into buying this during the Burberry Beauty workshop. I tried this on and liked my glossy lips under the counter lights so much I picked it up together with my other purchases.

This costs USD $27 or SGD $39. I don't normally like to spend that much for a lip gloss with the exception of Chanel's Extrait De Gloss which are totally marvellous and worth every single cent. Chanel EDG sell for SGD $44 and have 0.08 fl oz more product in case you are wondering.

It comes in with a typical doe foot applicator. I love the packaging! I like that I am able to see how much gloss I have left in the tube. The tube looks sleek and elegant.

Tea Rose is a nice soft pink rose shade. It is creamy and balances between being too sheer and too opaque.

Left to right: Burberry Tea Rose, Chanel Confidence and Lancome Rose Nu
I took out some of my glosses for a comparison. Tea Rose is the sheerest of the lot and is a more baby pink as compared to Confidence and Rose Nu. Tea Rose has no shimmers at all.

I like pairing this with my Burberry Dusty Rose Lip Cover to give it a high shine.

Top to  Bottom: Dusty Rose with Tea Rose on top and without
With only Dusty Rose lip liner underneath

It wears for only about three hours without eating or drinking. It isn't tacky and feels comfortable on the lips. My lips remain soft and moisturised after removal. Somehow though, I find that it lacks the magical qualities of Chanel's EDG. With EDG, once you apply, somehow the gloss snaps into place and gives you an instant shine that covers your lip (does that make sense???) With Lip Glows, it slips and slides a little on me.

There are 12 shades available. 

No. 01 - Rosewood
No. 02 - Heather
No. 03 - Sepia
No. 04 - Blush
No. 05 - Tea Rose
No. 06 - Brick Red
No. 07 - Cameo Pink
No. 08 - Cameo
No. 09 - Nude Beige
No. 10 - Nutmeg
No. 11 - Heather Rose
No. 12 - Mocha

I wonder if you notice that Burberry tends to make lip glows, lip covers and some eye shadows with the same shade names. 

You can check out Natural N Chic's swatches of all the Lip Glows here.

Honestly, I don't find the colour selection very exciting. I'm not much of a lip gloss person so I won't be getting any more of these.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks


  1. Thanks for the link Jacqueline. I also love Chanel's EDG in terms of the texture and staying power.These remind me of Chanel's Aqualumiere's glosses. The lip glows are great alternatives for those who like sheerer colors and non-sticky glosses. It looks great on you!

  2. Hi Kristie! Just have to say I love reading your blog, it has caused many lemmings and enabled me to buy many products. Your posts on Burberry especially. Thanks for popping by and commenting!


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