Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I am excited about

I have recently changed my skincare routine for night and day so I'm constantly checking on my face in the mirror to see if I can detect any changes. Silly me!

I was given a set of samples from Chanel which I used immediately when I got home. 

I'm utterly impressed with the whitening cleansing foam. I saw an immediate brightening of my face after my first wash. I was like wow, how did that happen. I'm not so sure about the make up remover though, it doesn't foam, it isn't like a cleansing oil. I'm not sure if it is doing a good job removing my make up.

I'm using the toner from my previous samples.

I'm using these two serums for the day. First the Hydra Beauty serum followed by the Le Blanc serum.

Finally I use this as a moisturiser. The texture is to die for, I love how it feels on my face. I baulked when I saw how much it costs for the full sized bottle though. Perhaps I'll persuade the MAs at Chanel to give me more samples in the future. Anyway, detailed reviews after I have used them for a while.

After being told that my face was losing its elasticity, I've been obsessed with firming products. I got a chance to try out Clarins during a Tangs Beauty sale thingy. The SA there plied me with a substantial number of samples which I am holding till a suitable time to use.

For night time, I am using the Double Serum Generation 8 and the Extra-Firming Night Cream. So far so good. Detail reviews to come.

I'm hopping with excitement over my Hakuhodo brush buy. I ordered some brushes this morning. I'm not sure why the sudden urge to get brushes, I've been happy with what I have. I guess a talk with a fellow blogger Iariae about Lunasol brushes and which were the best brushes had me researching. It led me to Hakuhodo and I'm just bursting with excitement to get them.

Finally the makeup collection that is getting me hot and heavy! Chanel's Holiday 2011 collection.

Although I'm not a big fan of powder highlighters, but the Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel looks like it would be great buddies with my Chanel Brompton Road, don't you think? A little birdie by the name of Iariae tells me that this beauty will be slipping in on the 14th November 2011.

I can't resist the Ombres Essentielle Soft Touch eye shadow in Beige Lame after looking at these swatches from The Beauty Look BookNatural N Chic and Fruity Lashes. I might have to swatch Blazing Gold too.

I always like Rouge Allure Lacques so Empire will also be a must swatch for me. Best Things in Beauty has a lovely swatch of it. It seems a little too light for my taste but I still want to take a look.

Finally the holiday look that is just so me. The Chanel Carat look.

So what are you excited about?

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