Sunday, October 9, 2011

The story of two bloggers meeting and one seriously fantastic haul

I had the pleasure of  "dating" Iariae yesterday and I must say it was great meeting a "sister" blogger. I was worried that there would be shyness and awkwardness but it was like catching up with an old friend. We started talking and couldn't stop. And where did this date take place? Well at my favourite place of the moment, Burberry Beauty Counter at Tangs Orchard of course. 

These were actually taken a week earlier when I visited the counter. I made very quick shots as I was afraid of the intimidating Tangs lady was going to come and scold me!

In between chatting and swatching, we got to know each other better. We each took home a beautiful Burberry bag with our carefully chosen goodies (thanks Milk!)

When makeup bloggers go shopping it is so natural to head down to Sephora for a walk around. I grabbed Caudalie's Premier Cru The Eye Cream before we went for dinner. 

I want to say hi and give a hug to dear follower Grace, you made my day. You are the second person to have approached me about my blog (I still remember you Kailing!) and I'm very honored that I'm on your favourite list. Woohoo! How often does a girl experience that???

Iariae then hooked me up with one of the nicest MAs (Qui Ling) I ever met at Chanel Boutique at Ion. I wanted to try the new Chanel Rouge Allure Velvets. She patiently tried out each lipstick I picked out and gave me useful makeup tips. 

My lower lip line is not very distinct so she told me that it would help me define my lips better if I used a concealor with a brush to lightly mark out my lip line. I am in love with all the velvets I picked. Qui Ling also taught me how to use Illusion d'Ombre in Fantasme as an eye highlighter and under the eyes. After her application, I was sold. So I brought home a pretty Chanel bag too. Iariae can attest to Qui Ling's great makeup skills, so be sure to look her up if you happen to want a Chanel fix.

I saved the best and most exciting part of the post for last. Iariae passed me the most gorgeous piece of Chanel ever. Chanel Poudre Tisee in Brompton Road. Thanks girl for hooking me up to such an awesome piece of makeup!

Lots of pictures and swatches coming really soon. Hang tight! So what do you want to see first?

1) My Burberry Haul
2) My Chanel Haul
3) My Sephora Haul
4) Chanel Brompton Road


  1. AAAH Bromptom Road!! I have been searching all over for it. I really wish it would come to the US. Can't wait for your swatches and review!

  2. Hey Kristie, ;) Thanks for your comment. I'm just staring at it, I'll hold on to it a little more and enjoy its pristine condition before I dig into it and make swatches.

  3. Hi Jacqueline, it's nice to meet u & lariae :) I must say u look prettier in person! :) I enjoy reading your keep your haul posts coming! :)
    Xoxo Grace

  4. Hey Grace, aw..... thanks girl! Perhaps we will bump into each other again. That would be so cool. So were you shopping too?

  5. err nr4?!?!?! Just becoz you already posted this teaser pic! XDD
    Anyway, it must have been great to go shopping with other MU lovers, but if you do it often it's gonna be dooming =]

  6. Oops I did? My bad ;) my wallet is reeling from the damage inflicted upon it. Putting two enablers together can be explosive.

  7. Hey Jacqueline, yup I was heading to Kino after a small haul at the Taka Sanrio/Hello Kitty fair. Real lucky bumping into u gals, cos I was supposed to head over to someone's place there was a last min change of plans. Wouldn't have bumped into u gals then ;) maybe we can go shopping the next time! :) btw, were u gals heading to Kino too? Grace =D

  8. Hey Grace we were behind you for a while ;) Iariae wanted to get Voce magazine. After that we went to Chanel to play with the new lipsticks. Oh yes I would love to! If you ever want to go makeup shopping call me, love seeing ppl buy makeup!

  9. I want to see everything!!
    Sorry, haven't been able to catch up with you lately!! Will DM you in a bit =)

  10. Joey! Ah everyone will have to wait till Saturday when I get a chance to take pictures of everything, so sorry I couldn't catch up with you at Amore, been coughing again. I hope I'll be well enough to go this Wednesday. Love your post on your get together. You gals look like a tight group bet you had tons of fun.

  11. I think I saw you in the Ion Chanel store; the Rouge Velvet you were trying on is a hot red shade right!!! I was contemplating to say hi but was so afraid to get the wrong person HAHAHA!

    But yes, I was oogling at the new Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss!!! Pity I didn't see the holiday collection out yet-- I want the new holiday collection Rouge Allure Lacque and Rouge Allure Lipstick!!! >.<

  12. yuanshan: Aiyah you should have said hi, I would love to meet you! Yes I was, I love the red shade is uber fierce. Now I have to find the right occasion to wear it. The holiday collection isn't out yet but I'm lemming the highlighter and the eye shadows.


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