Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Shopping Haul

I shop when I have am stressed by work. Once the going gets tough, I have this urge to pamper myself to remind myself the reason why I work so hard. Does that make sense? 

The last couple of weeks have been a doozy. My work day lasted for a good 12 hours almost every day. (I know many of you out there do much more, I salute you! Hang tough!) By the time I come back, I have very little time with DS who goes to sleep early. I feel very sad when instead of spending quality time bonding I have to make sure he does his homework. If you know about little boys, they tend not to want to do homework.

I was really looking forward to a Saturday where I can take a little breather and do something to pamper myself.

Burberry counter at Tangs Orchard called to let me know that some items I have reserved are ready for collection. The Shiseido counter at Isetan Orchard also called to tell me that GR708 Moss is now in stock. It was a great excuse to head down town to pick them up and check out a few new things from Sephora too. So here is my total damage.

This is what I got first, Shiseido's Shimmering Cream Eye Shadow in GR708 Moss. Now my collection of them are complete in my eyes.

At Tangs, I finally got to check out the official Burberry counter. Pictures of that coming soon! What did I get? Blossom blush, Rosewood eye shadow, Sepia lip liner and an eye brush.

They were giving away $20 for a certain amount spent. I used my voucher to get Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream. Lovely Elaine at the counter was generous, she gave me a little bagful of samples to go with my Night Cream.

I headed for Sephora. I love going there to wander around. This time though with a purpose. Haru from Rouge Deluxe mentioned that Fresh has finally reached our shores and I have been wanting to get a lip scrub for the longest time. I also wanted to check out Urban Decay's Super Saturated lip gloss.

So was I impulse buying? 

I don't go cosmetic/skincare shopping without a purpose. With cosmetics and skincare, I do my research and make up a list of things I want to get in advance. Maybe at certain places I can be persuaded to get more, especially lipstick shopping.

With clothes, it is a different story, I get what I call shopper's curse. That is when I set my mind to look for a certain piece of clothing let say a pink skirt and am unsuccessful finding what I want, causing me a lot of frustration and I end up buying something I don't need and regret. With clothes, if I see something that catches my eye and looks great on me, I buy. 

So do you shop differently when you are getting different things? What is your shopping style?


  1. OMG I JUST DIED. My comment got eaten up. Moving on!


    I so want to go on an all out shopping spree too Jacq, but alas my weekends are so frikkin' crappy! But it's a Burberry date next Sat, can't wait can't wait! I'll go push my work appointments earlier so that we can go for tea :)

    And yeah, I shop when I get stressed. Which is quite often. :/ I have a voucher for Sephora SG that's gonna be used next week heh, thinking of purchasing a palette. I wanna get the Fresh kits off SephoraUSA, they are quite value for $$!

    Can't wait to pass you Brompton Road babe!

  2. Jolyn, are you talking about the Fresh lip products, tried the lip polish, it is so so good! I'm so looking forward to meet up too!

  3. Great haul!! You got Blossom blush!! I've been wanting to pop by the new Burberry counter too but haven't had the time recently =(

  4. Hey Luna, Blossom is my new favorite, it is great for brightening up your complexion.


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