Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Hakuhodo Brush Haul

Guess what I found in my mailbox yesterday?

Shipping was super fast, I ordered my Hakuhodo Brushes on the 13th of October and I received them on the 21st of October. It took 8 days.

I am impressed with the speedy delivery and customer service. I emailed them to ask about a suitable brush for my liquid highlighters and received a reply a day after. They listed a few brushes I could try and explained why I could not use the black haired brushes for liquid and cream products.

International shipping costs USD$12 which I thought was quite reasonable. I could not just buy one brush so I selected a few. The S100 series with the red lacquer handles are the premium brushes and they cost the most. The price range for them is a bit more than I am willing to pay. I selected a few brushes from the Basic series which are the same as the S100 series but have cheaper basic wood handles. And some of the K series which also features the basic brushes. Trying to select brushes suitable for my needs is the difficult part for me. So many brushes to choose from. The website is very user friendly and makes the selection process easier. Each brush has a detailed product information, clear pictures including what type of application it is best for.

I also read blog posts from The Non-Blond and Delicate Hummingbird who were great sources of information with regards to Hukuhodo brushes.

This is my order.

1 xK002 Powder Brush round and flat  (E0155)$64.00
1 xB533BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed (E1143)$18.00
1 xK005 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat (E0158)$15.00
1 x203 Powder Brush pointed (E0102)$47.00
1 xG542 Concealer L (E1375)$18.00
1 xK001 Highlight Brush round and flat (E0154)$26.00

Everything was packed securely and beautifully. My brushes came in a pretty lavender paper box which is quite sturdy.

There is a set of care instructions included with my package. All my brushes were double encased with plastic wrappers.

Outer plastic wrapper

Another plastic wrapper

I will do a proper review and a more detailed introduction to Hukuhodo brushes later. I followed instructions and gave them a delicate bath of shampoo and warm water. Now they are resting on a towel bed. I think they need their rest, when they are dry I'll be playing with them.

I am giving Hukuhodo USA a 5 lipstick rating. If you are looking for a reliable on-line retailer that gives great customer service, this is the place to go.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Nice haul. I daresay you will like them. I have a collection myself :-)

  2. hooo these must work great! and the price isn't that bad either!^^ However I've bought brushes online before....and am totally pleased with them, I found that I prefer buying them personally so I can try several of them, feel them. Last week too....I spent 15mins stroking and bending small eyebrushes (only 4 of them). I tried to imagine how managable, stiff they would be, how well they would pick up cream and powder and transfer them to the skin. A I crazy? @_@

  3. Hey Anna, nope you arenot crazy, I spent quite some time sitting on my bed stroking the fat powder brush all over my face. So soft! It is like silk running over my face. Mu hubby thought I was nuts.

  4. Hi honeyjr, thanks for your comment. I am in love, these are the nicest brushes. I love the face brushes best.

  5. I love Hakuhodo brushes! Can't wait for your reviews!
    Regret not getting more when I was in Japan. It's so difficult to decide which ones to get by just looking at the catalogue. So thanks for the links. And now I know I can email them for advice. ;)

  6. Hi Nonno, I had such a hard time choosing. I just want to buy all of them! I did not like the red handles, I prefer black ones but so many different shapes. Please share which brushes you bought. I want more and would like to know which ones to get.

  7. Nonno has left a new comment on your post "My Hakuhodo Brush Haul":

    I bought eye shadow brushes and face brushes. Their face brushes are so lovely! I can't recall their model numbers. Will need to check the catalogue. Let ya know again! Hakuhodo really should print the brush numbers on the handles.

    Hey Nonno, argh I accidentally tapped on these eye button again! It happens when I update on my iPhone. Blame my fat fingers.

    I agree they really should include numbers on their handles, it us so hard to identify them. Hm..., angled brush I might just add that to my wish list. I am in with their brushes.

  8. That's super fast!!
    Looking forward to your thoughts about these brushes!! Now, you really made me wanna get a few.. But I still can't decide =(

  9. Joey, you have to get at least one face brush, they are so soft and silky. Totally worth the price I paid.


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