Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chanel Lumière Sculptée De Chanel Swatches and Reviews

I am honestly not a highlighter fiend. The few liquid highlighters have served me well and I doubt I will ever run out of them. But lately Chanel have been releasing very pretty face powders in amazing designs. Check out my Brompton Rose here! It is hard to resist even with a hefty price tag of SGD$100. This is one item there is no excuse for, I had to have it, just because.

It comes in the standard luxe black casing with an extremely plush velvet pouch.

I must say that the brush enclosed is amazingly soft and works extremely well at picking up the powder and depositing a sheer wash of highlight on my cheeks.

I must apologise, my camera does not do the highlight powder justice. It is the prettiest highlighter palette ever.

The swatches below are made with the brush enclosed. I swept the brush over the powder a few times and brushed it onto my arm. I am glad it isn't overly sparkly. 

It kicks up a fair bit of powder when I run the given brush over it. I specially bought my Hakuhodo Highlighter brush to use with this. It helps me apply the highlighter with a light touch. It does not kick up any powder and it deposits just the right amount of glow onto my cheek bones. Loves!

I am loving the subtle glow it gives me. It is not overly shimmery and sparkly. In the words of Lisa Eldridge, you don't want to look like a disco dolly. 

The Lumière Sculptée works well for my NC30-35 skin tone. It gives me a pearly beige glow. I'm not  sure it will work on darker skin tones though. 

It is not long lasting. The highlighter stayed put for about half a day before it faded away. For long lasting glow, I still think liquid highlighters are the best. Nothing beats my Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheer No. 2

I bet there are many cheaper highlighters around that will probably do the same or better job but I'm treating my highlighter as a collector's piece to cherish dearly. Do you have to have it? Well if you are a Chanel collector or a highlighter fiend, this little treasure is a must have.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Anyway, here is a very useful video on how best to use liquid/cream highlighters. I find it very informative and useful and it is from my favourite make up guru Lisa Eldridge. 

If you want to know how to apply powder highlighters, check out this site. Enjoy!


  1. Totally agree with you! My mind got blown away the moment I saw my reflection in the mirror after the BA applied it on me.
    Today I finally had the chance to use this highlighter. But I used my Hakuhodo angled powder brush as I don't own any proper highlighting brush. Is a highlighting brush essential for applying highlighters?

  2. Hey Nonno, I don't think you need a proper highlighting brush. Just my excuse to get more brushes. Just something small and soft so that you don't get highlighter everywhere on your face. Oooo you have the Hakuhodo angled powder brush, how is it? I love my new Hakuhodo brushes, they are so good.

  3. The angled brush is dense yet fluffy and soft... Absolutely luxurious! *heart*

  4. I am sorry I tested this and thought is was totally NOT worth the money!

  5. Hey Nawi, thanks for your honest comment. It is very expensive and I know I'm paying for the design more than anything else. What is your favorite powder highlighter?

  6. Thanks for responing. At the moment I have loving the estee lauder Illuminating Powder Gelée it is totally worth the money and acuatly not so expensive when you are used to buying Chanel and Dior.

  7. Hey Nawi, actually that highlighter was something I was considering, I bet it is oos.

  8. it is! if you could still buy it (its limted edition) I certainly would recommmend it.
    Have a nice day.


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