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Burberry Eye Brush No. 11 Eye Shaper Review

(Image taken from Nordstrom website)

(Taken from Nordstrom website)

Burberry Eye Brush No.11 is a wide contour brush made from ultrasoft goat hair. It is used for the outer corners of the lid to add depth and enhance the eyes. Used by Burberry Beauty makeup artists to create a contoured eye shape.

My MAC and Ecotools brushes have served me well. In the beginning stage of going make up crazy, I started collected MAC brushes as they are good quality brushes that are still more affordable than Shu Uemura ones which I lusted from afar. I am not particularly discerning when it comes to brushes. A synthetic one works just as well as one made of animal hair in my opinion. So long as they are soft on the skin.

I know that Burberry has some brushes so I checked out a reviews on them, particularly The Non-Blond who has a vast wealth of information about brushes.

In my Burberry craze, I decided to invest in the eye shaper brush. My main need for this brush is to apply a wash of colour onto my lids and use it to blend the colours seamlessly.

It comes in its own little velvet pouch. Although it is a nice touch, I find that it is kinda useless as I will be sticking my brush into a glass cup along with the rest of my brushes. I guess it would be useful if I bring this out and I want to protect it. But I rarely bring my eye brushes out.

I really love the black wooden handle. Smooth to the touch and it has a discreet Burberry printed on it.

The hair is dense and picks up eye shadow easily. It feels very soft to the touch.

I took out my long time favourite MAC 224 Tapered Blending brush for a comparison. This brush is older than my son and it has seen better days.

The Eye Shaper brush costs SGD $60 or USD $38. It is actually cheaper if you ordered from Nordstrom and buy a few items.

Cafe Makeup has a review of many Burberry brushes. Currently only four types of brushes are being sold. The No. 10 Definition Liner Brush (USD $32), No. 09 Socket Line Brush (USD$38) and The Burberry Beauty Brush (USD $52).

(Image taken from Nordstrom)
Isn't she a luxurious beauty to behold?

The No. 11 brush is honestly not a must buy brush, more like a nice to have in your collection. I'm sure you can find plenty of brushes around that works as well as this and at a fraction of the cost. I don't regret buying it though. I'm using it everyday in my make up routine.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

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