Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Burberry Beauty Workshop 26 October 2011

I had the honor and pleasure to be invited to Burberry Beauty's Beauty Workshop today. It was a truly enjoyable session full a laughs and informative tips with Celestine Sng, International Make Up Artist helming the session.

It was a very up close and personal session with about 8 participants attending. It is my virgin  beauty workshop so I am so glad that Burberry was my first. My jaws dropped at all the new make up every participant had to play with. We also had a whole set of  new make up tools. So many things to fiddle and swatch and all brand new! I found out that for hygiene purposes they replace all make up items after each beauty work shop, they then use the pieces that have been used as testers at their counters.

We viewed a short video about how Chief Creative Officer for Burberry Beauty Christopher Bailey got his inspiration for the whole Burberry Beauty concept. Basically his inspiration was from the classic Burberry trench coat and the unpredictable British weather.

Celestine showed us how to do a natural look. She cracked us up with her quips and useful titbits. She featured Burberry's Fresh Glow which arrived at the counter recently. I have a bottle of this little piece of heaven and will do a detailed review and swatches of it soon (I have to say this though, it is so so good!). She applied Fresh Glow and the Sheer Foundation just like how we would apply moisturiser. This provides sheer coverage that does not mask your face but enhances it. I tried this method of application during our hands on session. BFF and I agreed that this method provided a sheer and natural finish. Me loves! The model's eyes were softly accentuated with a sheer wash of No. 04 Gold Trench and the Eye Definer in No. 02 Midnight Brown. Using soft feathery strokes to line the eyes, smudging it with an eye brush and setting it with Gold Trench again. Celestine encouraged us to ask questions during her demonstration and I got some of my burning questions answered. 

My natural look


During our hands on session, we had Burberry Beauty Ambassadors to help us out. BFF and I had the bubbly Mindy to guide us along. I learned how to apply blush properly. All this while I have been applying it too high on my cheeks. Using the middle of the ear as a guide, I apply blush towards my cheeks and blend, blend, blend! 

For my natural look I used Fresh Glow and Sheer Foundation in No. 05. I got to try the new Sheer Concealer in No. 02 Soft Beige. For my cheeks, I used No. 04 Peony blush. I used sheer eye shadows in No. 10 Antique Rose, No. 11 Tea Rose, eye definer and mascara in No. 01 Midnight Black. For lips I used lip definer in No. 01 Nude Beige, Lip Cover in No. 11 Antique Rose and Lip Glow in No. 05 Tea Rose.

Not only did I get to try out shades that I did not have in my growing eye shadow collection, I also located my crease! (I know, I'm such a noob!)

After our hands on session, Celestine proceeded to show us how to create a festive look. She used Fresh Glow on top of eye shadow for a soft glowly look. It can also be used as a highlighter for the brow bones and cheeks which she did for the model. (I must try this the next time I apply Fresh Glow.) She used Lip Mist in No. 206 Blueberry on the model and a Lip Glow, unfortunately I forgot which one she used!

I am honoured and humbled to meet Celestine. She is super friendly and animated. Her passion shows through in her work. You should check out her work, amazing! She came over during our hands on session to give me some pointers. With her deft hands, she created a super easy soft smoky look.  I tried my best to copy it on the other eye but it just did not look as good! 

I was star struck. At the end of the session, even though I was a little tongue tied and super shy, I forced myself to go up to her to say hi and shake hands. I asked if I could take a picture with her, she was so nice to agree. I am a happy happy girl.

Celestine Sng and me!

Group photo!
The Burberry Beauty Workshop is one of the highlights of my week. If you ever get a chance to attend one, you must. You will learn so so much! If I'm not mistaken, there is still 3 sessions to be held tomorrow.

Did I go home with anything? Of course! All participants were gifted with a Lip Mist sampler. I also bought the Sheer Concealer in Soft Beige, Sheer Eye Shadows in Antique Rose and Tea Rose and a Lip Glow in Tea Rose. Reviews soon!


  1. Lip Mist sampler? That's all you got as gift? WTF?! I expected more from them @_@
    Anyway, *nosebleed* Burberry workshop!!!!!!! aaaaah so coooooool!!!! ^_____^

    BTW, I screwed up and left the previous comment system on, and it appeared on my new post!Seem like it has its own conscience >.<
    So, to answer your question, most of my makeup will go in the cargo and only the most essential ones will come with me on the airplane: BB cream, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow corrector, Stila contouring trio (this might be replaced w/ a darker only), lipstick, fixing spray and an eyebrow brush. I might make up my mind and throw in an eyeshadow+primer but it's unlikely. Even if the cargo doesn't arrive by the time I get there, I can live by these tools only for a while :)

  2. Hey Anna, I'm just happy o got invited to the workshop! Will you worry about your make up in the cargo? I'll be so anxious to be reunited with them. Do when is the big move? Please post pictures of your new place k? I'm very curious.

  3. Sounds like a great session! Can't wait for your review of Fresh Glow!!

  4. How exciting! :) Thanks for sharing your experience... And the tip on blush application. I'm most curious about Fresh Glow. Looking forward to your review!

    Now I have a burning question... How do you locate your crease? :p

  5. Hey Nonno thanks for popping by! To locate your crease, you use your finger or an eye brush gently press your eye lid. You will feel your eye socket. It is easier to tilt your head a little while you look in the mirror. There is a part that sinks in. Use the brush to follow the part that sinks in. That is your crease. I hope that makes sense.

  6. OIC!!! Thanks!!! Ha... I'd thought the crease refers to the double eyelid crease. :p

  7. Hey Nonno that was what I thought too for the longest time.


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