Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Burberry Beauty Lip Definer Shaping Pencil No. 03 Sepia Reviews and Swatches

Sepia is the third lip pencil I own from Burberry. It is a mauve rose shade on my lips. I'm not going to rehash what I have said about Burberry Lip Definer Shaping Pencils, you can check out my detailed review of it here.

Left to right: Burberry Sepia, MAC Spice and MAC Dervish

As you can see, MAC Spice has more brown in it. Dervish is the closest but I don't like Dervish. Either I received a dud but my Dervish is hard and uncooperative. I have to press down hard to get it to show up. Not what I want to do to my lips.

Finally, all my Burberry lip pencils. Sepia, Dusty Rose and Brick Red.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

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