Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sponsored Lancome Visionnaire and Genifique Review Part 2

I finally finished my sample of my Lancome Visionnaire serum after using it since the 23rd July 2011. I have used it for a total of 8 weeks and now can make a more detailed review on how it has affected my skin. You can read my initial thoughts and review about Visionnaire here. The 15 ml sample given to me by Lancome during the Visionnaire Preview party lasted a good eight weeks, I used one pump day and night to cover my entire face. About a month ago, I dug out my Lancome Genifique sample I received from my Lancome GWP at Nordstrom. I decided to use it together with Visionnaire since I read that Genifique increases the efficacy of Visionnaire. I also used a drop of Genifique with my liquid foundation with much success. I will talk about that later in another post. 

Since then I have been given a full sized bottle of Visionnnaire and Genifique for which I am very thankful for so that I can continue using it.

After using a toner on my face, I first use a drop of Genifique, I wait for it to quickly absorb before I use a pump of Visionnaire. 

Both serums are very lightweight and easily absorbed. I do not like thick greasy-feeling lotions or creams so these two serums are a delight to use. My face does not feel tight but plump and refreshed after application.

I'll be honest, I prefer reviewing make up because it is very easy to see if they work well or not. You can tell within a day of usage. With skincare, sometimes improvements are not as significant and harder to see.

I have been looking closely at my face periodically to see if there is any improvements. Even though my sun spots have not disappeared, the darker spots are much lighter now. My DH who rarely comments about my make up or skin has mentioned that my face looks much brighter and clearer. I concur. The fine lines under my eyes are still there, it crinkles when I smile. I use another eye cream for that. Even though Visionnaire is gentle enough to use in the eye area I don't reccomend it unless your only issue is moisturising. I have slight dark circles and need to plump the area to minimise fine lines. The fine lines near my lip area looks minimised. On certain days it looks as if I don't have any there. I especially love the look around my nose area. it looks really smooth and poreless.

I sleep in an air-conditioned room which isn't the best for my face. I know I need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep my body and face well hydrated, in times of stress at work, I neglect to take care. Sometimes when I don't have enough sleep, it shows on my face clearly. With Visionnaire, it still looks like I'm well hydrated and had enough sleep. 

Even though Visionnaire helps, I don't reccomend to use that as a reason not to drink enough water and not to have enough sleep. Visionnaire is effective but it is not a miracle worker. If you have been mistreating your body and face, nothing is going to make you look like you are 18 again short of plastic surgery.

If you want to look younger than you really are, it must be a multi pronged approach. Live well and be happy, it shows in you face. You need to eat the right food, exercise and use effective skin care. If you neglect any of these, you will find that no matter how expensive your products are, it will not give you the results you want.

Also have realistic expectations. Love your face for all its flaws and beauty. You will never be satisfied and contented if all you see in the mirror are flaws.

Just in case you are curious about what else I use in my skin care routine.

If you want to find out more about these products, leave me a comment.

Okay bare face ahead.


  1. Yr review sounds convincing enough for me to try the products. Tell me about yr other products.

  2. Hi MayL, thanks for stopping by 😊 well my skincare routine has slightly changed but I must say that besides Lancôme I also love the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. They are great lightweight serums that work for my skin.

  3. Hello Jacqueline

    Thank you very much for a very balanced review of the product. I have just finished my third bottle of genifique. While I do not think that it has created miracles, I feel very comfortable with the overall feel. Not sure if it is good to do that but I find one pump of Genifique abit too little for my big face (hahaha..). So I try to use another pump.

    I will be starting my first bottle of Visionaire, and your post is really a very timely reference. Thanks again and hope I get a chance to share with you my experience.


    1. Hey Joyce, thanks for leaving me your valuable comment. I am glad you found it helpful. Visionnaire can be used as a pre serum for Gennifique by the way. I hope you will find that it works well for your skin.

  4. Hi Jacqueline,
    I have tried both of these products in the past and found they work well. I'm a huge fan of Lancome. Of course, as you stated, they don't work miracles and there is more to skincare than just finding a good product. I recently decided to start using these on a regular basis. I couldn't remember if there was a certain order- apply Genifique first, then Visionnaire or vice-versa. I did a Google search and came across your blog. Thank you for the honest and impartial review. :-)

    United States

    1. Valerie, you don't know how happy it makes me to know that you find my post useful, thank you. I am using my Genifique now and loving it.


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