Sunday, September 4, 2011

Make Up Boo Boos

I went out last Friday for dinner with DH. I wore my favourite falsies and thought I rocked my eye look. I was congratulating myself for being clever. I used Urban Decay's 24/7 eye liner in Zero to tight line my upper lids. I loved how made my lashes look dark and lush and it blended seamlessly with the falsies so it looked natural. I swore that I will do that every time. To my horror when I returned home I realise I had terrible smudges under my eyes. My UD liner smudged very badly. I looked like a panda. Really awful!  I was kinda pissed at my DH but then I realise he probably thought it was one of my eye looks and was too clueless to warn me. It was so embarrassing!

I reflect on the various make up boo boos I made. I remember when I first started using falsies. I trimmed my lashes but they were still too long and I placed them too close to my inner eye. Those lashes poked me in the eye and I had to tolerate the pain till I got home. I was ready to ripped them off.

Another one of my make up boo boos is to be overly enthusiastic with my eye lash glue. I worry that there isn't enough to make my lashes stick and end up with too much. If glue gets onto the false lashes instead of just the strip, you get an ugly glossy coat that is actually very visible. Worst still when coloured eye shadow powder sticks on the glue like what happened below. I actually thought it was glue that was not dried and I went out like that! There was no way to fix it outside so I had to grin and bear with it and be one of the those ladies who committed make up sin. I stayed away from make-up counters because it was way to embarrassing.

With every make up disaster I learn from my mistakes and change. I learn to:

  1. Trim my false lashes to the correct length. Shorter is better than longer.
  2. Give myself plenty of time when I want to apply false lashes.
  3. Use glue sparingly and not apply eye shadow on top of the false eye lashes. All shadow application must be done before.
  4. Wait till my eye lash glue is totally dry before going out.
  5. Use MUFE Eye Seal if I want to tight line. No matter how water proof the eye liner claims to be, it will still smudge.

Have you met with any disasters like mine before? What happened?  What did you learn from it? I love to hear your experiences.

Here are 16 of the worst celebrity make up disasters.


  1. I shall start the ball rolling XD

    1. Never get pressured into buying by any MA/SA/BA. I still struggle with this as I'm pretty much a pushover, but after buying foundations that were too dark and too light for me (the irony), I stuck to my own personal opinion.

    2. I can't wear eyeliner unless it's on my lash line or just slightly above it. My HG Dolly Wink eyeliner would give me panda eyes whenever I use it for anything else but tightlining, and the Urban Decay ones are even worst. I totally understand what your smudging meant, cos' Zero flaked on me too. Weird huh?

    3. Give myself more time if I want to use fake eyelashes.

    4. Getting the right concealer. What works for my eyebags does not work for my face AT ALL. *glups*

    That aside, I actually like your eyelook babe! Really pretty except for the gloop XD

  2. That is my de rigeur look with bright lips, I finally mastered the kitten eye (less dramatic that cat eye) I do it all the time.
    Then I must company you for yr beauty shopping I'll be your bodyguard! ;)

  3. Hi Jacqueline,

    I am sorry to hear about your makeup disaster with fake lashes!
    I had encounter the same problem that u had faced!

    If I stuck my fake lashes too close to the inner corners of my eyes. They tend to flip out by 2-3hrs of wear.

    After watching NRWJD, I learnt that not to stick too close to the inner corners of the eyes as they tend to flip and may experienced fallen lashes!

    And, some eye lash glue are really bad as if u accidentally stuck some glue on the lashes, they tend to form into transparent residue and make you look like u had ”glue residue” on your lashes! *yikes!*

  4. Hey Misselainnio,

    I'm sorry but what is NRWJD?

    I'm using DUO glue but it still gives me the same problem. I really have to learn to use just enough glue. Trial and error I guess.

  5. Oh goodness, I didn't know there was a 'kitten' eye, lol. Heh, definitely up for some 'bodyguarding' business :P Can't wait for end September when the counter finally opens ~.~

    P.S I doubt you would be much of a deterrent Jacq, I just pray my current lipstick obsession wouldn't balloon because of you hee *grins* I'm still looking out for a red lipstick!

  6. Jolyn, you just gave me an idea on a post about kitten eye and cat eye look. :) Thanks!
    I'm such an enabler, I think we will cause each other to spend more. Currently my Burberry list includes the Luminous Base, Blossom blush (I want that too!) Brick Red Lip Cover, perhaps Copper Lip Mist and some eye shadows. What about you? I'm still thinking about the foundation.

  7. I don't really have that many makeup booboos because I generally stick to a natural look and rarely wear eyeshadows and almost never false lashes, partly because my eyes are super sensitive (I am allergic to tons of things and get eye irritation from virtually all eyeshadows except NARS, UD and MAC). But I used to apply my blush totally wrongly - in a giant blob on the apples of my cheeks and downwards (wtf was i thinking??) - when what works much better for my face shape is actually sweeping it up to the temples and not focusing much on the apples at all. Also I used to wear nude or very light lipsticks without eye makeup which would wash me out badly and make me look really tired. I think for most people, a big booboo was eyeliner but because virtually every pencil liner irritated my eyes and i have no skill with traditional liquid liner at all, I didn't wear eyeliner till 2 years ago when I discovered Kate Super Sharp liner and K-Palette pen-type liquid liners... my saviours.

  8. Rachel, I understand about the blush thingy. In my early days, I tend to have a really heavy hand with blush. At that time my idea was that blush is supposed to be seen. I look like a clown. Now I understand the term less is more.

  9. Hey Jacqueline,

    NRWJD= 女人我最大 The taiwanese beauty show ;)

    I don't fancy the DUO glue. You can try the Darkness glue. You can buy it from Far East Plaza (those cosmetics shop at level 3) or John Little at Marina Square. The Darkness Glue is much better and they stick easily and long lasting. :)

  10. Misselainio, ;) thanks! I'll go hunt it down. I'll do anything to improve my make up application.


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