Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lancome Ôscillation Power Booster Review and Swatches

(Taken from Lancome Singapore website)

Revolution for Asian lashes: Repair, Regrowth and Enhancement
Lashes are visibly stronger, longer and fuller in 28 days.The new conditioning formula, Crescentia™ complex, contains lash-enhancing ingredients found in haircare products. Working in in perfect synergy with the vibrations, the oscillating brush stimulates micro-circulation to help ideal lash growth as it massages the formula into the lash base for treatment and amplifies the make-up results of any mascara. A unique booster to re-create every lash dimension. Volume, curve, length, growth, ... every lash result is maximized!

1. Continuous vibration motion of the wand and ultra-smooth formula coats lashes up to 360° uniformly. 2. Apply the Powerbooster on bare lashes to condition lashes and create a perfect lash fringe for mascara application.3. Combined with any specialist mascaras from Lancôme, it amplifies the mascara result customised to your lash needs.

This product came to my attention after I attended Lancome's Hypnose Precious Cells mascara blogger's event at their offices. The make-up artist in attendance shared with us how to boost lashes to its maximum by using Ôscillation Power Booster. She shared that it can also be used like a lash serum to be applied every night before going to bed.

I was at that point hunting for a good mascara primer, so when I was picking out items to place in my Nordstrom shopping cart, I knew I had to buy this to try.

Ôscillation Power Booster comes in a cream tube. You have to pull the plastic tab to activate it. Once that is done, whenever you press the little button at the side of the mascara tube, it will vibrate. I had a good giggle when it first vibrated. I can imagine what cheeky things my DH would say if he were to get his hands on my Power Booster.

It has a plastic bristle wand that helps coat individual lashes without clumping. The formula is a creamy white and quite obvious on the eyes. I must always remember to coat my lashes with mascara afterwards because I have rushed out of the house with just primer on. I looked very weird and it was highly embarrassing. 

I'm not sure how effective in the vibrating primer as compared to non-vibrating primers so won't comment on that. But I must say that that little button is a little tricky. I have to press it just so or else it would not vibrate. I was half expecting it to be difficult to apply since I expected the tube to be shaking like a vibrator! (He he) Actually it vibrates gently so application is super easy, no smears at all!

I run the wand through my lashes about three times to ensure all my lashes are coated then I wait for a few seconds before I apply my favourite mascara of the moment, Lancome's Hypnose Precious Cells. In order to same time, I apply my lip liner and colour then move on to mascara.

I get extra vavavoom lashes without clumping ala spider legs.

Hypnose Precioous Cells mascara only

With Power Booster underneath
Hypnose Precioous Cells mascara only

With Power Booster underneath
I have used Ôscillation Power Booster for more than a month now and Hypnose Precious Cells for more than 2 months and must say that both work very well at conditioning my lashes. My lashes look slightly lusher and longer. I don't have lash fallout problems and after all this time I have not experienced all fall out yet.

Before Power Booster

After Power Booster
I am quite tempted to apply this at night as suggested by the make-up artist but can't bear to suffer the ridicule of my DH. I'm already the biggest vain pot he knows, I can imagine him rolling his eyes when he sees my white lashes when we prepare to go to bed.

Ôscillation Power Booster costs USD$39 or SGD $50. That is quite a sum to pay for a primer. Combined with Hypnose Precious Cells, it seems like a lot to pay for longer thicker lashes which can also be easily achieved with fake lashes. I'm actually willingly to pay that sum though. I'm a luxury mascara convert!  As much as I love my fake lashes, I feel that using it everyday will cause my lashes to be damaged. So mascara and primer for my everyday look is the best alternative. Other than just enhancing the look of my lashes, anything that will help me improve the quality of my lashes is great in my book.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. The results look really wonderful! Did it tickle your eyes much?

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