Monday, September 5, 2011

Burberry Lip Mist in Camelia Pink No. 207 Review and Swatches

At the Burberry counter at Tangs the other day, while lovely MA Jennifer was  applying Dusty Rose on my lips, my itchy hands began playing with the Lip Mists on the counter. I was slightly hesitant about picking up Camelia Pink as I have amassed quite a few bright pinks lately. But as I consummate beauty blogger who takes her work seriously (sniggers!) I had to pick it up for the sake of research. (That is the excuse I give to myself when I run out of all excuses!)

(Taken from Nordstrom website)

Creamy lipstick offers a hint of natural, sheer color that leaves lips with a moist, dewy finish.

Formula: Lightweight, creamy texture and gelled structure allows for effortless control and glide. High-shine oils deliver a sheer and dewy effect, while shine-filming polymers provide a natural look.Benefits: The moisture-rich emollients improve hydration of the lips. Wild Rose provides regenerating and restructuring properties. Balanced color palette from nude trench tones to Burberry reds.How to use: Apply Lip Mist directly to lips for effortless application wherever you are. Dab onto lips with finger for a dewy finish, to add a hint of tint.

The shade range for Lip Mists are smaller. Only 9 shades. 

1- Cinnamon
2- Copper
3- Brown Sugar
4- Chestnut
5- Rosy Red
6- Blueberry
7- Camelia Pink
8- Stormy Pink
9 - Feather Pink

I am not going into details about the casing which is exactly the same as Lip Covers. If you want to know more about it you can check out my previous post about Dusty Rose Lip Cover here.

Camelia Pink is a bright pink  but still more subdued than my Chanel Rouge Allure Insolente and Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shalimar. It is a warm pink that gives those who are experimenting with brights a safer bright pop of colour.

It is definitely sheerer as compared to Lip Covers but has the same qualities. Creamy, moisturising and smooth. It is also glossier.  Sometimes sheer lip colours give too much slip. It does not happen here, it glides on and adheres to my lips. Wear time is much shorter that Lip Covers, two to three hours maximum. 

They are much softer as compared to Lip Covers so you have to take extra care with them. Because Burberry lipsticks are housed in metal casing, metal conducts heat easily and will warm up your lipstick turning them soft so do not leave them in warm places such as in your car or else you will find a smooshed up lipstick. 

When comparing Lip Mists with Dior Addicts and Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, I find that Lip Mists leans more towards traditional lipsticks. In a sense that it does not glide as easily as the Addict and Shines and it is more opaque that the other two. I won't call it a gloss and lipstick hybrid but a normal lipstick with sheerer colours.

It is still a great lipstick to own. 

Natural N Chic makeup has great arm swatches of 5 shades here. If you love nude colours, Copper might be a wonderful colour to try. Cafe Makeup has a wonderful lip and arm swatch of it here.

Lip Mists cost the same as Lip Covers. SGD $43.

So which lipstick are you more inclined to buy? Lip Covers or Lip Mists?

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Your lips are gorgeous! It can sell any lipstick. I want all the ones you posted. lol

  2. Hey Kim you are too kind :) thanks sweetie.


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