Saturday, September 3, 2011

Burberry Lip Cover in Dusty Rose No. 10 Review and Swatches

Nowadays when I go to a beauty counter, I tend to head straight for the lipsticks first. With Burberry Beauty, it was the same case, lipsticks are my main obsession.

Burberry Beauty has two different lipstick formulations. Lip Covers are their "soft satin" lipsticks with higher opacity as compared to Lip Mists.

(Taken from Nordstrom website)

Discover supple and light colors that reflect the natural lip tones. Formulas are hydrating and give a full lip in tone, coverage and color fidelity.

Formula: Super-light 'second skin' texture provides intense moisture immediately after application. Combination of oils and light waxes helps easy application and extreme comfort.Benefits: Pigments dispersed in a clear gelled structure ensure high color fidelity. Shiny polymers offer perfect luminosity. Balanced color palette from nude trench tones to Burberry reds.Protection: Contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lips. Guarantees continuous hydration. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.How to use: Apply like a normal lipstick or apply to your finger and push into the lip to give a more natural color. To enlarge the mouth, use a lighter lipstick in the middle of the mouth. To reduce the mouth, choose a darker shade.

There are a total of 26 shades, ranging from nudes, browns, pinks and reds. You will not get outlandish shades here. So no oranges and disappointingly no corals. 

I decided on getting an everyday shade. Dusty Rose is just that kind of universal rose which goes with every thing.

I really love the gunmetal casing that has a blockish shape. It is definitely metal so it provides a good heavy feel to it that says hey I'm expensive. As you can see, the trademark pattern can be seen everywhere from case to lipstick. It has a useful magnetic feature, that helps to keep the cover closed at all times. I have a great time playing with it. I love to just drop the cover onto my lipstick and watch it turn automatically and snap itself shut. Yes I am inane!

I enjoy how creamy and moisturising it is. You get instant cover with just one swipe. It does not slip and slide and goes on smoothly. There is a rose scent that is slightly synthetic. Not the most pleasant but it dissipates quickly. If you have a strong aversion to scents maybe this is a lipstick you have to skip. I'm okay with it. It is not the most long lasting lipstick. Moisturising ones tend not to be. It gives me a good few hours of wear but fades after food. After removal, my lips still feel soft and supple with no peeling.

Dusty Rose is a muted rose shade with hints of brown. When I compared it with Chanel's Mademoiselle, I realise that they are almost identical. As I swatch, I notice that Dusty Rose has a creamier and more emollient quality and it glides more smoothly than Mademoiselle.

Left to right: Dusty Rose and Madamoiselle

I'm in a bright lip phase so I don't see any other shade I would pick up, perhaps a red though. There are four gorgeous reds I would love to try. Union Red, Ruby, Brick Red and Hibiscus. Temptalia has gorgeous arm and lip swatches. You can check out Union Red here and Hibiscus and Ruby here. I am inclined towards Union Red which looks like it has hints of orange and Hibiscus which looks like it has a little bit of fuchsia.

I was given some lip samples in other colours which I will be swatching  and trying them out soon.

All in all, if you are someone who loves smooth creamy lipstick with skin flattering shades and don't mind paying for it, Burberry lip covers are great addition to your collection. They cost SGD $43. It is on par with Dior Addicts and Chanel Rouge Allures. You don't have to get the on-line because the pricing is very much close to US prices, big yay for that.

I'm waiting with bated breath for the actual Burberry Beauty counter to be set up at Tangs Orchard. With a big space I think I would definitely enjoy playing with all their make up there. 

So ladies please share which Burberry lippies have you picked up. I would love to hear your thought and opinions about them.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Great shade! This is totally up my alley ;) I'm sort of trying to stick to a no buy for lip products for now till I use up some of my existing ones though as some are getting a bit old and I'd like to use them before they go bad... sigh the problems when you have too much makeup :P

  2. Hey Mar, Chanel is always chic! :)
    Rachel, I gave up thinking about finishing my lipsticks long ago. ;)

  3. This is a gorgeous color! Can't wait to go to the Burberry counter and try them on my lips fo real!

    Hope you're well Jacq :)

  4. Iariaee, my hubby was the one who was sick, so I decided to stay at home to give him some TLC. Shall we make a date to meet up one of these days when the Burberry counter opens? ;)

  5. wow i want dusty rose!!! but would not be happy using the lipstick up. i dont want to lose the intricate design!

  6. Hey Kumiko, isn't the design just gorgeous. I love luxe lipsticks! They always look so nice.

  7. It looks great on you! The colours turn up different on diff ppl.. Haha.. I like the colour on you, niceee!

  8. Hey Kailing, thanks girl, I'm really loving my Burberry buys. How about you? How are you liking your lipsticks? Which two lippies did you get?

  9. Definitely! 23 Sep if I'm not wrong hehe. That's when the Luminous Base would launch, yay! Looking forward to seeing you Jacq~

  10. Oh yayI I did not expect them to be ready so soon. Less than 3 weeks away! Cool hope to see you soon!

  11. I picked a Lip Cover in Cameo Pink and a Lip Mist in Copper.. i love the Copper l/m! Cameo Pink is nice but i'm still learning to live with the obvious tinge. hehe.

  12. Hey Kailing, Copper is a great nude colour. I am loving the look of the swatches on line. I'll definitely have a closer look at it. Cameo Pink is so pretty, you must live a little and have a brighter colour on your lips. You look lovely with brighter lips.

  13. Sorry to interrupt, but Copper is da bomb! Coffee is too brown, but Copper is beautiful! I didn't realize that the lipsticks were divided into Mists and Covers ://

    All this talk about Burberry makes me wanna run to the counter tomorrow, lol.

  14. You don't say Jolyn, I just swatched and tried Brick Red Lip Cover. I want it so bad. It is the velvetiest and creamiest deep red. To die for! But I guess I have to wait till 26 Sept for the counter to open. I'm definitely going to try Copper Lip Mist too.


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