Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burberry Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation Trench No. 7 Beauty Review and Swatches

I had to really restraint myself from getting the sheer luminous foundation at the Burberry counter during their soft launch. I've been a bit of a foundation whore lately and have quite a few that I'm rotating. I did get myself matched to Trench No. 7 and asked lovely MA Jennifer if I could have a sample to try out. I was lucky enough to get samples of No. 5, No. 6 and No.7 so later in the post you can have a look at their shade differences.

Trench No. 7 not featured here because it is all torn up!
(Taken from Nordstrom website)

Formula: A sheer and light cream fluid. A gelled structure for optimum light diffusion.

Benefits: A subtle finish and natural glow that illuminate the skin. The skin feels beautifully bare, supple and comfortable.Protection: Hydrating formula. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.How to use: Gently shake the bottle. For simple application, rub the foundation in your fingertips and gently sweep across your face, as you would a moisturizer, to give a really even tone. Apply with a brush for medium cover or with a sponge for a maximum coverage.

To be honest, after two days of wearing it for work, I did not fall in love with it. I used my Giorgio Armani Face Blender brush to apply all over my face. I felt that it was too sheer for work and some how it felt like it was sitting on top of my face. It did not work well when I layered it for more coverage too. After a few hours, I found the area under my chin looking patchy and cakey.

Instead of writing it off, I decided to play around and experiment. I used a dry sponge instead to see how it works and I love the subtle glowy finish it gives. I get better coverage and this time it blended into my skin.

I'm very confused actually. When I wore it out at night for my dance class, it wore well. It fact after class when I looked at the mirror, I had a nice glow that I really loved. But when I wore it out during the day for a shopping trip I notice that my nose was a little too glowy and had to blot after a few hours.  I rarely need to blot when I use my other foundations. My "like" pointer is swinging from one end to another. I wonder if it had anything to do with the lighting.

I realise that the powder I use to set the foundation also made a difference. Using my Lancome Macqui Miracle compact made it too heavy and cakey. I only need a very light dusting of loose powder to set.

I feel that this isn't a foundation for ladies with oily skin though. I also feel that it does not withstand heat and humidity well. I think ladies who have no oily skin issues and who work in mostly air-conditioned environment will like this foundation better. What I like is that it is lightweight and blends well into the skin when using the right implements. It is also a great match to my skin tone. 

There are a total of nine shades available. I'm not sure if Burberry will be bringing in all 9 shades. I had the impression that they will only be bringing in shades up to Trench No.7. Ladies please correct me if I'm wrong. It is a pity they don't take into consideration that there are many ladies of colour out there who would love more foundation choices. Why can't they have foundations to suit darker skin tones?

Sheer Luminous Foundation in Trench No. 7
Left to right: Burberry Trench No. 7 and MUFE HD in Desert

Slightly blended

Dried down

When placed next to my favourite full coverage foundation, MUFE HD foundation in Desert, they look quite close except that Burberry looks slightly pinker and just a tad darker.

Left to right: Trench No. 5, No. 6 and No. 7

As you can see in this side view, it is a sheer to medium coverage foundation. It does not cover my old acne scars.

Silly look!

I feel that it is a good foundation for weekend wear when you are not going to be out for a long time and are in the comfort of air conditioned malls. But it isn't something I will wear to work. I need an almost bullet proof foundation for work. 

It has a distinct scent, a Burberry scent featured in most the products I bought. This may or may not put you off. 

Will I buy it when the Burberry counter opens? Perhaps. That is if, no other foundation catches my fancy. It costs SGD$77. Added: Anyway as you can see in my previous post, I caved and bought it. Now I can try to use my fingers to apply and see how it looks. I'll do another post on the Sheer Luminous Foundation and show you how gorgeous the bottle is.

On a side note, I don't usually do full face close up shots. I think I look silly! I look best when the camera is at a certain distance. Vain pot!!! I know, I know, guilty as charged. The above two shots are of me wearing the Sheer Luminous Foundation using the dry sponge method. 

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks


  1. Really thorough and honest review! I don't think I'd be able to wear the foundation either, I am outside too often. You don't look silly at all, very cute!

  2. Hey Kim thanks a lot! So what is the foundation that you are wearing now?

  3. I got a sample of #6 when I bought Blossom blush.. The jump in shade from #6 to #7 looks quite huge! I have yet to try it, but from what I've heard/read, I don't have very high expectations for it..

  4. Luna, so strange right? In fact when I meet up with other of their MA/SA Mindy she reccomended that I could try No. 5 but not No. 6. No. 5 looks a tad darker than No. 6, go figure!

  5. i've always been lemming to try this foundie but glad i can save my moolahs on something else! =D

  6. Hey Kimoko, it honestly isn't a must have foundation.


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