Sunday, September 18, 2011

Burberry Beauty Sheer Eyeshadow No. 03 Porcelain Swatches and Reviews

(Taken from Nordstrom website)

Experience natural and earthy tones reminiscent of the English countryside and adaptable to all skin tones. Color selection captures the ease and versatility of the collection and ranges from classic trench coat-inspired shades to smoky metals.

Formula: The innovative composition reconciles comfort with long-lasting wear. Light, yet creamy, this performing powder offers optimal adherence.Benefits: Ensures a smooth application and flawless color fidelity throughout the day. From the most natural look to the most sophisticated finish.Protection: Silicones provide extreme emollience and comfort.How to use: Enhance the contours of your eyes to give them a stronger definition. With the applicator, sweep the color gently across the eyelid to achieve depth. Apply to lower lashes if needed, taking it a little lower than you normally would across the eyes. For best results, apply effortlessly which will enhance natural contours of your face.

It is really impossible for me to just buy one eye shadow. If you want to polished eye look you need to have at least two complimentary colours to work with and that is my excuse for getting three of these beauties.

There are a total of 21 natural looking shades to choose from. Again Natural N Chic has all the eye shadow swatches here. Go check it out!

I will start with the first eye shadow I picked, No. 03 Porcelain.

Each eye shadow costs SGD $46 or USD $29.  Hold up! The mark up for the eye shadow is on the high side. With the low exchange rate for USD, it comes up to almost a $8 to $9 difference! Hmpf perhaps if I am getting more eye shadows I'll order on line instead.

It comes in a velvet pouch and out slides the beauty in the same gunmetal casing.

It has the same magnetic feature as the Light Glow blush, it comes with a mirror and an itty bitty sponge applicator.

You must be wondering why in the world would I be choosing such a boring colour. Well if I am going to pay so much for an eye shadow I definitely want one which I will use all the time. 

Porcelain is a nude colour on my lids versatile enough to be pair with the rest of my colours.

Without a base

With Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base
First of all Burberry eye shadows are not sheer at all. Sheer brings to mind, no and little colour pay off. Their eye shadows obviously does not have insane pigmentation but the above swatch was made with only two swipes from my finger. The few stronger colours I swiped at the counter were all pigmented. They are very soft and finely milled. They blend like a dream. Burberry eye shadows are a mixture of matt and satiny finishes. But nothing with shimmer or sparkle. 

Top to bottom: Porcelain and Virgin

I compared Porcelain with the Virgin from the Urban Decay Naked palette. You can see that Virgin is lighter in fact a little too light so I tend to use Virgin as a brow highlighter instead.

Left to right: Porcelain, MAC Shroom and MAC Soft Force

The above pictures are comparisons I made with MAC Shroom which I have been using as an all over lid colour and MAC Soft Force another one of my brow highlight colours. Porcelain appears more nude than the others.

Porcelain all over my lids

As you can see, Porcelain gives me a soft satiny glow and it melts right into my lids. It is the perfect match to my lids. It brightens up my lid area while acting as a great base for other colours. I also like using this over my pigmented eye shadows to blend them together. I wore them to work. They lasted for a good 10 hours without creasing or fading. They looked just as good after ten hours of wear.

These are by far the most expensive single eye shadows I have ever bought. I am loving the Burberry eye shadows for the fact that even though they look boring in the pan, they translate to soft sophisticated eye looks that you can wear any time.  I still love my shimmers and sparkles but subdued eye shadows are finding a place in my arsenal.

If you love neutrals and sophisticated looks and don't mind shelling out money for them, go get yourself some Burberry shadows.  

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. I was soooo tempted by their eyeshadows! So soft and smooth! But I don't buy singles, which is the only reason why I didn't get any. But I do wish Burberry will release palettes in the future!

  2. Hey Luna, I don't usually get single eye shadows too but they were so good I couldn't resist. I would love for BB to make palettes too.

  3. Hey Anna aren't they just? My preciousSsss.

  4. I swear Burberry has the cutest packaging and design!! I want it on my wall as an accent.

  5. Rosamond, that would be very cute. I'm thinking of comforters and bed sheets!


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