Saturday, September 10, 2011

Burberry Beauty Lip Definer Shaping Pencil No. 2 Dusty Rose Reviews and Swatches

(Taken from Nordstrom website)
Formula: A delicate texture with high concentration of natural waxes and vegetal oils to give suppleness to the lips.

Benefits: An ultimate soft and smooth gliding liner that effortlessly defines the lip line. Extremely adherent, soft and moisturizing, it wraps the lips in naturally even color.Protection: Amino acidic derivative with hydrating power improves firmness around the lip contour.How to use: Outline the lips before lipstick application to achieve a more precise lip line.

Of all the lip liners I have, I don't have one to pair with my pink lipsticks. As much as I love Chanel, the lip liner Natural that I own just isn't as creamy as I hope it would be. I hate it when lip liners drag on my lips. Since I bought Dusty Rose Lip Cover, I thought I might as well buy the lip liner in the same shade.

The Lip Definer has a squarish looking shape. I can't compare it with my other lip pencils because they are all in various lengths. 

It does not come with an attached lip brush but it does come with a sharpener. I wonder if the sharpener is unique to the pencil shape, I'll let you know when I find out.

The pencil is very soft, I nicked mine twice before even using it, so remember not to leave it in warm places for example your car. Because it is soft, it is creamy and does not drag on lips when you draw a line.

Dusty Rose is named aptly. It is a rosy shade that pairs well with Dusty Rose Lip Cover and Camelia Pink Lip Mist. It is bright enough for hat dash of colour but not so bright that it is garish looking.

Left to right: Dusty Rose Lip Definer and Dusty Rose lip definer under Dusty Rose Lip Cover

It cost SGD $33, a dollar more than the Chanel lip liners. Honestly I rather go for MAC lip liners because they are cheaper but I experience inconsistencies with the MAC lip pencils. I love my Spice and Subculture pencil because they are creamy and don't drag but not Dervish which is harder and drags on my lips. MAC lip liners cost about SGD $23 and has 1.45 g of product.

I also don't see a MAC shade close to Dusty Rose Lip Definer.

There are a total of 6 shades. 

No. 1 Nude Beige
No. 2 Dusty Rose
No. 3 Sepia
No. 4 Bright Plum
No. 5 Brick Red
No. 6 Nutmeg

Natural N Chic and Shine, Shimmer and Sparkle have great swatches of all the Lip Definers.

I'm interested to see how Brick Red Lip Definer looks like and whether  it is close to my Chanel Lip Pencil in Rouge. I'm quite taken with Brick Red Lip Cover unfortunately my Chanel Lip Pencil in Rouge is too bright and my MAC lip pencil in Burgundy is too dark.

Lip Definers are a splurge. You don't really need to spend so much for a good lip pencil. 

Ratings: 3 lipsticks


  1. Eeek! Another pretty Burberry product!

  2. Oh Pammy, you ladies are going to be bombarded with more Burberry products. Brace yourselves!

  3. Agreed Stephy I bet I can find a shade close to Dusty Rose some where else for less.


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