Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burberry Beauty counter at Tangs open till September 15th

It was a day of pampering for me. I went down to get a facial and score some red velvet cupcakes at Pique Nique in Takashimaya. I headed down to Tangs for a quick look around and guess what? The Burberry Beauty counter is still there.

I went to ask the lone MA working there Mindy what was up and found out that they have extended their soft launch till 15th September. Then they will start work setting up the official counter. If I'm not wrong the official opening will be around the 26th September. So exciting!

Well if you have been following my posts on Burberry, my want list keeps getting longer and longer. So guess what I bought?

Ignore the Bliss body lotion for the time being.

I basically made Mindy a very happy MA.

Ignore the shadow of my fingers, I'm a lousy photographer.

I bought 3 eye shadows. No. 09 Rosewood is unfortunately out of stock.

Two Lip Covers. The baby version is a free sample.

The Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 7.

Finally, Lip Definer Shaping Pencil in No. 05 Brick Red. What can I say, I like matching lip pencils and lip sticks.

Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on Blossom blush. Well I will save that for the official opening! 

So all my beauties opened up.

Oh yes, freebies!


  1. the packaging OMG. so luxe! i love your haul! i'll be in SG Oct. 6 so i guess i'll be dropping by the official burberry counter? woohoo!!! :P

  2. Georgina, you will be here just in time to shop at the Burberry counter. Will you be in Singapore for long?

  3. LOL!! What a huge haul!!! Looking forward to seeing swatches ;) I haven't gone makeup shopping in literally forever, but it's quite fun shopping my stash as well. I have this system now where I have a box of daily use items (my regular foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara) and I rotate colour products (lips and cheeks mainly) from my main stash to the daily use box every week or so. It really does feel like shopping my stash and I get to use items which I've neglected for awhile too.

  4. Rachel, you are a sensible girl and I should be like you more. But I can't help it will Burberry! I'm trying to tell myself no more till the official counter opens and after that I will be more selective and prudent. (fingers crossed)

  5. Being a poor student does that to you :P Esp because I might be doing my masters so gotta really save up when I start work.. plus I probably can only lug a small portion of my stash when I go!


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