Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color Haul and major babbling ahead!

(Images taken from Shiseido website)

After reading about the new Shiseido cream eye shadows called Shimmering Eye Colour from Haru of Rouge Deluxe, I knew I had to check them out myself. I have a weakness for cream eye shadows. By the way, Rouge Deluxe has great swatches of all the colours available. 

So I had myself a Shiseido haul today. It is kinda of a pick me up haul. You see, I broke my big toe nail, right in the middle. The nail hasn't come off yet but it hanging in there causing pain every time it shifts. (I can sense you squirming as you are reading this, trust me, it is gross and painful) I'm feeling sorry for myself because it is affecting my running regime. I can't wear shoes because it hurts so I have to stop running altogether for at least a few weeks. I feel terribly frustrated when I can't workout. To top it off, I have been hobbling for a few days now.

Anyway I had the afternoon all to myself and had planned to head down town for some shopping but because of my injury I had to limit myself to Clementi mall nearby. I popped by BHG to see if the Shiseido counter had the shimmering eye color and they did! I meant to only get the purple and pink shade but as you can see I ended up with 5! I am very impressed with the creaminess and pigmentation of the eye shadows. The shades were all very gorgeous.

I'm actually glad I bought my things at BHG. There is a lovely middle aged SA named Josephine who was a total darling. She saw that I was injured so sat me down and brought me the eye colours to swatch. She refused to let me walk, she even went to the cashier to make my payment for me. Since I spent more than $150, I scored myself a GWP, which consisted of a make up pouch (yes another one!), 4 skincare items and  a mini lipstick.

She added a few more items.

So in the end my GWP looked like this.

She totally made my day! So which shades did I get?

WT901 Mist (white shade).
GR707 Patina (khaki green)
VI305 Purple Dawn (purple)
PK302 Magnolia (pink)
BL711 Angel (blue)

I'm glad they included names this time. I hate identifying make up by just numbers, seems so impersonal. Swatches and reviews coming soon.

In the mean time, have a look at the looks Dick Page created with the shades.

I am lemming GD803 Techno Gold and GR708 Moss too!


  1. Ouch, that sounds painful! Hope it heals soon. Glad to hear that you met a nice SA. Good service makes such a big difference.

    Have fun with the eyeshadows, they work very well on their own without any primer!

  2. Thanks Haru! By the way do you use your fingers or an eye shadow brush to blend your cream eye shadows? I'm wondering which eye shadow brush would be good.

  3. That sounds really painful Jacq, I hope you get better soon. Did you try clipping the nail?

    But nontheless, great haul! I was just telling Sophia about her comparison entry between the ETK, Chanel and these Shiseido ones, but I think price-point wise, the Shiseido wins hands down. Can't wait for swatches!

  4. Girl!!! You are back!!! Wah I miss you! It has been very lonely in my blogosphere with no one to chat with. How are you? Yup I have managed to clip that offending nail shorter. Couldn't do so when I first broke it because it hurt just touching it. Thanks for your concern take care.

  5. *big grins*

    I'm glad I've been missed! You have been busy on your own, I was catching up on your reviews on the Chanel pottys, haha. I'm looking forward to the next Metro 20% sale to snag these babies and some other stuff from Esprique de Kose, swatches please Jacqqq? *puppy eyes*

    I'm fine, same old same old. Just that things have been picking up, suddenly very busy and the future looks shaky, haha :P

    Just ignore the nail and you will have a brand new one in 3 months!! XD

  6. Wow they look really great!! So sorry to hear about your nail, that sucks. I had half a toenail removed because it was very severely ingrown ages ago and it was pretty gross for awhile :/ Hope it heals quickly, and in the meantime you have more time to play with your new goodies! The Chanel quad is also to die for and i love the look you did with it. Just a quick qn: how are you managing to keep your makeup on your face with the horrible weather these days, as I remember you say you spend some time at work outdoors?

  7. Hi Rachel thanks for asking, the toe nail is much better now. I am able to trim off a little of the excess nail, the rest I taped up tightly before I go for runs.
    I had really oily skin in the past so my foundation no matter how long lasting it claimed never stayed on my face for long. I went to my derm for help and now it isn't oily anymore, I'm so happy my foundation stays in tact even outdoors. I'm not out in the sun I'm just in an environment where there is no air con half my work day. My eye shadows I use urban decay primer potion and also crease resistant shadows and for blush I always use cream or gel blush and layer it with powder that helps a lot. The weather is truly hot I hate feeling sweat trickle down my body. I hope the weather will be better soon.


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