Friday, August 19, 2011

MAC Rubenesque, Chanel Emerville and Giorgio Armani Rock Sand Comparison Swatches

Thanks to Rachel for giving me the idea to do a comparison swatch. From left to right, MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot, Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Emerville and Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in Rock Sand (review of this coming soon!)

As you can see, Rubenesque is more peachy gold pink whereas Emerville and Rock Sand is more Champagne.


  1. Emerville and Rock Sand look pretty similar.. I've got Rock Sand which is why I decided to skip Chanel's.. Waiting to see your review of Rock Sand =)

  2. Hey Luna IMHO Rock Sand is more champagne beige whereas Emerville has more peachy tones. Not so different to justify buying both;)

  3. Thanks for the comparison! I think the ETK show up more sparkly than the Chanel, or is it just a trick of light? I've noticed similar things when bloggers swatch both for comparison, the ETK show up better.

    But still, I'll still buy the pottys, muahaha. Incorrigible.


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