Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy National Day Singaporeans!

Hi everyone! Happy National Day! I'm spending the day reviewing my new makeup purchases and spending time with my boy and DH. Great way to spend a lazy Tuesday. We are looking forward to watch National Day parade on TV.

I'm very lucky to be born in Singapore. I think we live in a great country. Yes of course there are many things that could do better but I wouldn't give it up to live anywhere else.

So Singapore, Happy Birthday!

Red Velvet cupcake from Pique Nique


  1. No new blog posts Jacq dear? Booo :(

    Wish I could have some good reading material now, day has been nothing but sucky. Hope your week is going well babe!


  2. Aw sweetie more posts coming soon, promise. ;) Hey my Nordie haul came in, the Lancome GWPs are fantastic, have you received yours?

  3. Yay! Can I request? :P I want lipstick swatches! Hehe. You are making me feel adventurous.

    My friend in the US has yet to ship cos she went down with stomach flu, so I waited for her to get well before asking her for anything.. Haha.. BTW do you know if there's EMS in the US? As in they can send packages via EMS from the US to Singapore?

    I'm so glad to hear, that's one exciting piece of news XD Haul entry soon please!

  4. I'm glad you are going to be adventurous make up is supposed to be fun. More lip swatches Coming up. I'm not sure about ems I ship via vpost next time ride on my order cos I tend to order quite often from nordie. Shipping is more ex now then before but I still think it is worth it especially if I buy the highly marked up items like kiehls estee lauded and Lancome. I'm lemming Burberry lippies next and more lmdb.


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