Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shade Fleur De Feu (142) Swatches

Fleur De Feu is the second Rouge Automatique lipstick I bought at the counter. I can never just buy one lipstick, I can never decide on just one.

Fleur De Feu is the brightest orange in the range. It is an orange with slight shimmer. It looks slightly more opaque than Shalimar. You can read a detailed review of the formula and packaging here.

I brought out all my orange lipsticks for a swatch.

Left to right: Guerlain Fleu De Feu, Lancome Orange Legende, Chanel Sari D'eau, Chanel Sari Dore and Chanel Exotic

My Guerlain lip swatches together.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. It's such a pretty shade and looks like something that can easily brighten the face. :)

  2. Hi Pammy, yes it is a great shade for brightening your face up. I think all ladies should try an orange lippie don't you?

  3. WOMAN! I found Champ Elysees at the Guerlain counter over in DFS Galleria! Only 1 left!

    That aside, I strangely liked all the Chanel lipsticks in your swatch comparison! :P

  4. Oh my now how do I ditch hubby to sneak out and go to DFS? Is this the one at Orchard dear? I love all my lippies now to give them equal love I must rotate them ;) do you tend to use your newest acquisitions more often? I do. Hm... So what were you doing at the DFS?

  5. So sad! I have the Fleur de Feu from the kisskiss stick gloss range and love the colour (cool toned raspberry) but this one looks so different! :(


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