Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Capella Hotel at Sentosa

I just got back from an amazing staycation with my family at Capella Hotel in Sentosa.

I love staycations. My DH is usually unable to get longer leave, we  can only get a few days so that leaves out flying overseas. Honestly I hate travelling, I look forward to visiting Changi DFS but not flying on planes. With an active boy, shopping trips are also out, we need places where there are plenty for DS to do. 

DH decided to pamper us with a stay at Capella's amazing one bedroom villa. It is huge and it also features a  plunge pool and an outdoor shower and bath tub.

The main pools outside are very beautiful too.


Capella is very close to Tanjong Beach as well. A short walk away from the food court and other play areas for children.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 night stay here. The staff is attentive and very friendly. They go out of their way to make you feel at home. The layout  is lush with greenery. If Capella was a make up item, I would give it a definite 6 lipsticks!


  1. Capella looks frikkin' amazing Jacq!! Now you make me want to go for a short getaway, seems that staycations are all the rage now XD

    I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself and DS looks so cute swimming in that gigantic pool. And their toiletries look so expensive!

  2. What an amazing hotel!! It looks perfect for a relaxing stay away from the bustle of Singapore... I agree that it doesn't make much sense to travel if you only have a few days; you're likely to be more tired after the holiday than before! I love travelling overseas though I prefer relatively short trips, about 10 days and I get quite bored even when I plan the itinerary myself haha. I've been thinking about trying staycations since I start work in mid-Dec this year (finally :/) and I think life will be super hectic after that, I don't think it'll be so easy to travel overseas anymore.

  3. I've been doing staycations for quite sometime now, another great hotel I have fond memories is Fullerton, excellent service. Wow you get to rest till Dec before you start work. Must enjoy while you can!

  4. Haha I'm not resting now!! I'm doing my course to be called to the bar, and it's a bit of a drag but definitely not as bad as work :) I'm also doing a bit of other work so juggling that gets hard sometimes. How is your toenail?

  5. Thanks for asking sweetie, much better, it is not affecting my workouts. Lesson learnt. Always keep toenails short.


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