Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burberry haul pictures

(Picture taken from Nordstrom website)

I took my Burberry babies on my staycation for the purpose for taking pictures and swatches. You are about to see some Burberry cam whoring, so be warned!

Detailed reviews of each product will be coming soon.

I am enjoying the bright sun light. I love how it shines on my make up. The sad part about taking pictures in a HDB flat is that it is quite hard to have direct sunlight shining on your products. There is a specific time you can take your pictures, once you miss that, your pictures turn out dull and washed out. Sometimes I stick my make up out of my windows to take better shots. I must look weird to the people downstairs. 

The fun part about this is being able to experiment and turn my Burberry haul this way and that to see which pictures look the best.

I love the sturdy beige packaging comes in. Very synonymous with the famous Burberry trench coat. 

Each product is housed in a heavy gunmetal casing the features the check print. Each product has a luxurious heft to it that screams quality.

My blush came with a checked velvet pouch to keep it finger print free and safe.

I bought Tangerine Blush. See the lovely check imprint on the blush.

Camelia Pink Lip Mist. All lipsticks have the check print too.

Dusty Rose Lip Cover

Left to right: Camelia Pink Lip Mist, Dusty Rose Lip Cover and Dusty Rose Lip Definer
I am going to spend some time playing with this beauties before I let you know how I think about them so stay tuned.


  1. lol.. totally understand the part about sunlight in a HDB flat.. I've stuck my hand full of swatches out the window many a times.. lol..

    I went down to the counter and reserved the blush in Blossom. Gonna pick it up this Thurs during the 12% Tangs rebate sale!!

  2. I'm heading down again on Thursday too I want to pick up the foundation, Blossom too ;) and perhaps one or two eye shadows. The blush is really good I'm trying on Tangerine for 2 days now and it is so soft and blendable. I bet the counter must be crowded!


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