Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Capella Hotel at Sentosa

I just got back from an amazing staycation with my family at Capella Hotel in Sentosa.

I love staycations. My DH is usually unable to get longer leave, we  can only get a few days so that leaves out flying overseas. Honestly I hate travelling, I look forward to visiting Changi DFS but not flying on planes. With an active boy, shopping trips are also out, we need places where there are plenty for DS to do. 

DH decided to pamper us with a stay at Capella's amazing one bedroom villa. It is huge and it also features a  plunge pool and an outdoor shower and bath tub.

The main pools outside are very beautiful too.


Capella is very close to Tanjong Beach as well. A short walk away from the food court and other play areas for children.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 night stay here. The staff is attentive and very friendly. They go out of their way to make you feel at home. The layout  is lush with greenery. If Capella was a make up item, I would give it a definite 6 lipsticks!

Burberry haul pictures

(Picture taken from Nordstrom website)

I took my Burberry babies on my staycation for the purpose for taking pictures and swatches. You are about to see some Burberry cam whoring, so be warned!

Detailed reviews of each product will be coming soon.

I am enjoying the bright sun light. I love how it shines on my make up. The sad part about taking pictures in a HDB flat is that it is quite hard to have direct sunlight shining on your products. There is a specific time you can take your pictures, once you miss that, your pictures turn out dull and washed out. Sometimes I stick my make up out of my windows to take better shots. I must look weird to the people downstairs. 

The fun part about this is being able to experiment and turn my Burberry haul this way and that to see which pictures look the best.

I love the sturdy beige packaging comes in. Very synonymous with the famous Burberry trench coat. 

Each product is housed in a heavy gunmetal casing the features the check print. Each product has a luxurious heft to it that screams quality.

My blush came with a checked velvet pouch to keep it finger print free and safe.

I bought Tangerine Blush. See the lovely check imprint on the blush.

Camelia Pink Lip Mist. All lipsticks have the check print too.

Dusty Rose Lip Cover

Left to right: Camelia Pink Lip Mist, Dusty Rose Lip Cover and Dusty Rose Lip Definer
I am going to spend some time playing with this beauties before I let you know how I think about them so stay tuned.

Hari Raya Adilfitri!

To all my Muslim friends, Hari Raya Adilfitri!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color BL711 Angel Review and Swatches

I am a sucker for bright colours. And with a name like Angel, how could I resist.  I'm a little wary of blue shades. I can't do icy blues, pastel blues and matt blues. I can do bright blues, teals and shimmery dark blues.

I was a little worried that I may not be able to pull this off but it turned out pretty.

Angle is a creamy and pigmented teal blue. Like Purple Dawn, it is smudge proof  and crease proof.

I put Angel through a series of test just to find out how smudge proof it is and whether it is water proof. Here are some of the results. The swatches below shows Angel after it was rubbed vigorously with fingers. You can see that the shimmer particles have moved all over. It has also lost some of its vibrancy.

I put it through a water test. The first picture was after a good dousing of water. Second and third picture shows how it looked after I gave it a good rub. You can see that it did not hold up well.

I dug out my old MUFE Aqua Cream in shade 20 for a comparison. You can see that MUFE is definitely more pigmented and strong as compared to Shiseido but I must say that for me MUFE is really a pain to blend. I find that it is better as a liner on me.

Left to right: Shiseido and MUFE
Instead of a water test, this time I used my eye drops I use to freshen my contacts. For me a good tear proof product is better than a water proof one because I tend to yawn a lot in the mornings. My tears tend to dissolve my eye make up especially around the inner corner of my eyes. I am guessing that eye drops may be more similar to tears than water.

With eye drops

After a good rubbing
As you can see, MUFE lasts better that Shiseido. I still love the shimmering eye colour more than MUFE though. What is the point of a product if it is so difficult to work with?

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Give away redraw

So ladies, our winner did not manage to contact me so I'm picking another winner.

Here is my random generator at work.

And the winner is....


Dear Melody please, please, please contact me at mjacqueline@hotmail.com by 3 September 2011 Saturday 12.00 p.m. Singapore time. Thanks!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soft Launch of Burberry Beauty at Tangs Orchard till 1 September

I was at Orchard Road this rainy morning getting a Sephora fix. I happen to go to Tangs to buy gift cards when I stumbled on a tiny Burberry counter. Imagine my surprise and excitement. Burberry Beauty is having a soft launch until 1st September at Tangs Orchard so if you want to have a look at their products, you better hurry.

I was immediately attracted to the lipsticks, so like a heat seeking missile aimed straight for the lipsticks available there.  I settled for a Lip Cover in Dusty Rose. In the picture above, lovely MA Jennifer has just applied Dusty Rose lip definer, Dusty Rose Lip Cover and a dash of  Lip Glow (I forgot to ask the name!!!) on me. I love the colour.

All pictures were taken on my iPhone. Sorry ladies, no swatches because I am just plain shy to swatch and take pictures. I actually asked for permission to take the above pictures. 

They only have lip products on display but they have pans of eye shadow, blush and foundation hidden in their drawers. Ask for them! When Jennifer brought out all the goodies, I was hyperventilating, all so pretty!

My initial thoughts are the eye shadows textures are to die for. If I hadn't just bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette on this same shopping trip, I would have gotten myself a few. Almond and Khaki looks and swatches very nice indeed. The blushes are also very soft and the colours are very pretty and natural looking. I also got myself matched for their Luminous Fluid Foundation. In case you were curious I was matched with a Trench No. 7, I'm between a NC30 to 35 for MAC foundations. I resisted buying blindly and got some samples  to test drive instead

So this is what I bought. Lip Definer in Dusty Rose SGD $33, Lip Cover in Dusty Rose SGD $43, Lip Mist in Camellia Pink SGD $43 and Blush in Tangerine SGD $61. I just checked US prices and they are on par with SGD prices so no need to order on-line for these just get them at the counter.

I apologise for the quality of the pictures. It is a rainy day and the sun is hiding so I can't get you good ones. I promise you swatches when they sun comes out to play.

Unfortunately, the MA could not tell me when is the official launch date. But the counter will be right near the Tangs Beauty Hall entrance near Shu Uemura.

Oh yes, a shout out to Kailing, one of my readers. She was also at the Burberry Counter getting a lip makeover. I was very flattered that she recognised me from my blog and said hi. Hi back sweetie! I will say this again the lipstick looks awesome on you!

I was also at Sephora as I mentioned earlier and these were some things I picked up. Too Faced Shadow Insurance, the Naked palette and a Sephora brush.

So what do you want me to swatch first?