Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sponsored Lancome Hynose Precious Cells Mascara

I was recently given Lancome's Hypnose Precious Cells mascara during a recent beauty bloggers' event by Lancome. It is a smudge proof cream mascara that touts both skin care and cosmetics benefits. It claims not only to volumise your lashes but also conditions them to prevent lash fallout.

(Taken from Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara press release)


Bolstered by its knowledge of stem cells, Lancome created the first formula capable of optimising stem cell activity by acting on their environment in the skincare line: Absolue Precious Cells. In 2010, the technology is transported first-time to makeup in Virtuôse Precious Cells as an advanced lash care product. Seeing a market for regenerated lashes with volume, Lancome presents Hypnôse Precious Cells in 2011. Key ingredients include:

  1. Lash Densifier Complex consists mainly of a precious plant cell extract, Malus domestica - already present in the cream formula of Absolue Precious Cells – which is capable of restoring the environment of stem cells in the lashes within the follicle.

Within 28 days, lashes are visibly regenerated. Lashes’ life cycle is extended and they appear stronger and densified. Younger lashes can now grow stronger and fuller and mature lashes remain visibly longer and thicker.

  1. Madecassoside is a fortifying ingredient that is used to strengthen and thicken the hair, commonly used in hair-loss products. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to absorb micro-irritation so as to extend the life of lash follicles.
  1. Arginine, a type of amino acid known of its nourishing properties, can help to stimulate micro-circulation of nutrients within the follicle so as to re-densify lash fibres.
  1. Hyaluronic Acid also present to give an instant plumping effect for a lash by lash, voluptuous curve.

Lancome mascara wands are patented. Each wand is designed specifically for the mascara formula. For the particular wand, there are two shorter sides and two longer sides. This wand is a great size for my small Asian eyes. Some wands are ginormous and make application a mess.

During the make-up demonstration at Lancome offices, the make-up artist shared with us her technique for applying mascara with the wand. First, use the longer ends to lengthen and separate the lashes. Allow for the formula to dry a little by applying on the other eye and returning. Then use the short ends and in a zigzag manner volumise the lashes. 

Bare naked lashes!
These are my lash concerns.

  • I have sparse and short lashes. 
  • I worry a lot about lash fallout and smudging. 
  • I tear a lot, so water proofing is important to me.
  • I hate the hassel of stubborn mascaras that refuse to be removed.

I have been using this mascara for about a week. Such a coincidence actually. I was hunting for a high end mascara to try and Hypnose literally fell on my lap. Although I did not happen to have tearing episodes, I also notice that Hypnose does not smudge on me at the end of the day. Big plus. The formula isn't wet which I am thankful for. Mornings can be such a rush and I hate wet mascaras because I don't have the time to wait for them to dry and they always smudge on me. Wet mascaras also cause the formula to transfer to your upper lids when you apply which is highly annoying. I hate having to fix my eye make up.

Hypnose Precious Cells on!

I like how the formula does not clump my lashes. After about three coats, my lashes did not turn to spider legs and have that crunchy texture that is so annoying. In terms of volume and length, I did not see a big difference with my regular mascaras. Hypnose is definitely much easier to remove at the end of the day. I hate going through the whole cleansing routine and still find black smudges under my eyes after all the washing. I can't tell whether Hypnose is good for lashes, I think that would need to take a lot more time to test. I will keep you updated.

It costs SGD $50 which in my books is a lot to pay for a mascara. This puts it with Chanel and Dior. If the lash benefits are true, I think it would be worth spending that cash. Just in case you don't already know, the recommended shelf life for mascaras is about 3 months. I am guilty of using it for longer. Tossing out a $50 mascara that has not been used up seems like a crime to me so make sure you use it every day! To extend the shelf life of your expensive mascara, you should not pump it too much. Introducing air into the tube dries it up faster.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks


I have been using this exclusively since I received it. I noticed that if you waited for the first coat to dry completely before adding more coats, you get extra vavavoom lashes. Cool!

I am interested in the Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster. It is a primer for lash regrowth and enhancement. Has anyone tried it before? Is there a favourite lash primer that you would recommend?


  1. My favourite mascara is actually Lancome's Virtuose, followed by Diorshow Intense. But high end mascaras are so expensive! I'm always really prompt about throwing out mascaras after 3 months so i can't really bring myself to buy the full size ones. Instead I try to get GWP sized ones from some local beauty sales communities and occasionally I get lucky, but otherwise I just stick to Maybelline which is decent, if hard to remove.

    I tried the regular Hypnose before but wasn't really wowed as I thought there wasn't enough volume for my liking, though it does a spectacular job separating and defining lashes.

  2. To tell the truth I keep my mascaras for more than 6 months sometimes and the worst part I have 4 in rotation currently. My Maybelline Stiletto and Volume Express, my Lancome gwp and this Hypnose. After using this for a whole week I find myself reaching for this exclusively. I'm neglecting the others. I'm really liking this a lot.

  3. i got a sample of this and while i think it is ok, it is not my favorite mascara i have tried out so far. i find it clumps too much on me and is just a hassle to work with when you are building up coats. great review

  4. Thanks Kellyes, so which is your favorite mascara at the moment?

  5. I'm going through your archives and this echoed with me: "I have sparse and short lashes.
    I worry a lot about lash fallout and smudging.
    I tear a lot, so water proofing is important to me."

    This is me!

    My Aunt recently went to Asian and brought back some mascaras for me -- Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl, Kiss Me Heroine Volume & Curl, and Fairy Drops. She picked up one I didn't ask for, called" "Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara". Have you tried any of these? I haven't tried any yet. I'm still working on my Maybelline Define A Lash Waterproof lengthening mascara and Maybelline One by One Waterproof mascara. I don't like to have more than 2 on the go at a time.

    What is your current HG mascara? Is it still this Lancome one?

  6. Hey BooBooNinja, yup the Lancome Hynose is still my go to mascara. I love pairing it with the booster.


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