Friday, July 15, 2011

New Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye & Lip

I went out just the other day to buy another bottle of my favourite Maybelline Total Clean Express Makeup Remover and found that I could no longer find it at Maybelline counters anymore. In its place was a new bottle called the Make Up Remover Eye & Lip. It looked like such a tiny bottle. Anyway I deceided to buy it as I was running out of makeup remover. This costs more that the Total Clean bottle. I paid SGD$11.90 for this as compared to SGD $9.90 for it. I saw that they are currently having a promotion, you can get the makeup remover and the Stiletto Lash mascara as a bundle for SGD$18.70. Not bad.

Taking a closer look, I see that both have the same amount of liquid inside.

Except for the colour and slight price difference, this new makeup remover works just as well. I did a test using both removers on each eye to remove my Stiletto Lash mascara. Both removed my waterproof mascara cleanly.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Actually the Eye & Lip is an old makeup remover by Maybelline that used to be the only one they sold, before they released the Total Clean range of skincare, including the makeup remover. I've been using the Eye & Lip one for quite a long time and have been quite pleased with it, especially for the super cheap price. Personally I am quite glad to see it around rather than the Total Clean because that range has alcohol IIRC and I'm very allergic to alcohol in any skincare products.

  2. Hey Rachel, thanks for the information. I wasn't aware.


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