Saturday, July 2, 2011

Luxury Lipstick lemmings

I love a luxe lipstick. Something about their lovely casings and their formula just makes me go crazy with lust. There quite a few out there and these are the few that are currently on my want list.

Burberry ‘Lip Mist’ Natural Sheer Lipstick

I have been waiting and waiting for Burberry cosmetics to be launched in Singapore. Till now, still no sign of them. There are a total of nine shades. Check out some the swatches of them at Naturalnchicmakeup and The Ultimate MakeupI don't do browns so I'm eyeing Stormy Pink and  Camelia Pink.

Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupté' Lipstick

This has also been on my want list. Everyone is talking about how creamy these beauties are. Look at the casing. Too die for! There are a total of 26 shades. I want to take home 015 Orange Shiver and 027 Rose Paris (Makeup Never Sleeps has a great swatch here). Check out Nantucket Mist swatches here.

Tom Ford Lip Color

Check out the classic white and gold case. Beautiful.

There are a total of 12 shades. Check out Karlasugar's swatches here. I want Pure Pink and Ginger Fawn.

What are you currently lusting after?


  1. oh i used to have a rouge volupte but i eventually sold it off as i found it too creamy! it's really, really, really creamy. no other lipstick is quite like it. it's so creamy and thick that i found that it didn't feel very comfortable if i applied it straight from the tube, so the best is either to dot on with a lipbrush or dot on the lips directly and blot a couple of times. also, because of how crazily pigmented they are, you really have to make sure that the shade you pick suits you well or it will be quite stark if the colour clashes with your undertones (i picked a pale pink which eventually washed me out terribly).

    BUT i gotta say some of the new shades which weren't released when i first got my RV are quite tempting. might need to go give them a shot! i'm also really really really tempted by the YSL gloss voluptes which seem more up my alley - i love Guerlain Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss

  2. Hey Rachel I have heard RVs being very creamy. Do they slip and slide all over? If they do, no wonder they can be a challenge to apply. The lighter lip colours look daunting to me. Don't think they look good. Have you tried the Pur Couture range? Looks good too.

    I notice you like sheerer lip sticks. I had a gloss volupte Lychee Luxe. I finished that tube although it had little pigmentation it worked very well on top of my lip stains. The mango scent is heavenly. The Dior addicts and Chanel rouge coco shines would be right up your alley.

  3. Yeah the lighter colours can look very stark because the undertones become much more pronounced. I like the look of some of the darker ones, which can always be worn just as a stain..

    From what I remember of the RVs, they don't slip. They're super creamy but they stay on, and they really feel like they're on. Def not a lipstick that feels like it's not there (which is my fave kind :P). My problem with them was more of the heavy and thick feeling when worn.

    Thanks for the recs! Perhaps when i have made a dent in my current stash i'll go check those out, esp the Dior. For some reason i am allergic to a number of Chanel lip products like the lip lacques and the rouge allures, though their glossimers are fine!

  4. I love your self restraint. I know I will never make a dent in my stash but I keep buying anyway. I'm addicted to beautiful new things. Aw... It sucks to be allegic to. Chanel but I bet your wallet loves you for it ;)


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