Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lancome Visionnaire Pre View Party 22 July 2011

I had the honor of attending Lancome's preview party of their latest skincare product Visionnaire and 29 St Honoré: Fall 2011 Color Collection By Aaron De Mey.
It was my very first invitation to a preview party so I was super excited and intimidated. My long time bestie, D came along and we had a whale of a time.

Visionnaire is Lancome's latest skincare offering. It targets three of women's main concerns, pores, evenness and wrinkles.

We got to try out Visionnaire at a specially set up skincare bar and had our skins analysed by fancy smancy devices.

Being a make-up junkie that I am, I was attracted to the beautiful St Honore collection.

D and I were in agreement that the star of the collection has got to be Maison Lancome and Le French Touch Absolu lipstick in Rouge Saint Honore. Maison Lancome is such a pretty blush.

My bestie D got to try Rouge Saint Honore when Lancome make-up artist kindly offered to give her a lip makeover. I think D has turned into a red lip convert! The make-up artist was so nice to answer all our questions.

We had a tremendous time at the preview party. I have opened up my Visionnaire press sample to try out. I can't wait to put it to good use.


  1. Hi Jacqueline, happy to meet you in person after seeing your posts countless times in Cozycot..(luckily the other day I asked if you were mjacqueline)..See you at upcoming events again ya.('',) Have a lovely week ahead!

    Sharon (aka happy_paradise)

  2. Isn't it a small world? So glad to see you in person too, have a great week ahead.

  3. Hello! How would you describe Maison Lancome? I've come to the sad conclusion that US versions of both Chanel and Lancome quads are way superior than whatever we get here in Singapore, so the only thing that perks me up is the Maison Lancome.

  4. Hi iariaee, well one thing for sure it looks very different from the product pictures I see on the website. In real life, I feel it is more of a warmer rosy pink, not the cool lavender pink as seen in the pictures. I saw the makeup artist apply it on my friend who is slightly darker than a NC35. Looks really nice on her, natural looking. I'm looking forward to getting this one. Oh the red lipstick Rouge Saint Honore in the vintage case is also gorgeous, that is if you are a red lip kinda gal.

    I have to agree that US versions seems so much brighter and more fun. I only have one Chanel quad so I can't really comment but Chanel Tokapi is such a winner for me.

  5. Hey Jacq

    I'm sorry if I spammed over your blog, it was great reading material when I was in the office just now.

    Initially, I wasn't very impressed with the blusher. As you've mentioned, the whole 'lavender pink' is not really my kinda thang :S I'm looking forward to checking out the blusher for myself now that it's actually a rosy pink. Gorgeous.

    Does it have an overspray? I hate it when blushers do because I'll be so reluctant to use it :/ I dont own any red lipsticks (am more of a nude/neutral/pink girl) but I'm definitely looking into dipping my toes into adventurous makeup! The ones from Guerlain seem great.

    Lucky you! I didn't do my homework and purchased Kaska Beige, Asian formula. The baked shadows are now crappy to work with and I havent done a look with the palette. For the price I pay for Chanel, I shouldn't have had to do too much to make the colors work for me. Even a Wet & Wild trio is way better, at 10x less the cost. Topkapi is the only one I was impressed with. I actually had a 'WOW OMG' moment at the counter, haha!

  6. You are not spamming me, I love chatting about make up ;) it is always fun to find like- minded enthusiasts.
    Mason has an overspray but I'm the kind that can't leave new make up alone for long.
    You must try bright lips! Start with a bright pink or orange in a sheer formulation first. I feel that sometimes we must experiment and try new things.

  7. I'm glad I didn't! I put you on my blogroll, hope you dont mind.

    How much is Maison retailing for? Were there any information on prices etc?

    I got the MAC Ever Hip, two of them in fact. However after testing it out in Hong Kong, I can't do bright corals. It's just... not me. Haha. I sound so reluctant to try new things. Your Dior lipsticks are tempting me. I'm going to order 214 Tulle & 333 Beige for myself.


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