Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lancome Beauty Bloggers' Event

I was really honored to be asked to attend my very first Lancome Beauty Bloggers event to launch their Hypnose Precious Cells mascara. Not only did I get to find out about Lancome's latest mascara I got to meet beauty bloggers whom I've been following. I felt like the new student in class. I was shy and felt intimidated and awkward at the same time to the point that I lost my appetite to eat the great spread of sandwiches and cakes they offered. Aren't I silly.

We sat through a talk about the new Hypnose  Precious Cells mascara and the Lancome Loves Colour theme which is about creating your own eye color story using the Hypnose Precious Cells mascara and the  Ombre Absolue Impact 3D eye shadow palettes.

The make-up demonstration was very informative. Instead of using brushes, the make-up artist showed how easy it was to create depth to Asian eyes using just fingers. One new technique I learned was placing the highlighter shade under the eyes, right at the corner to avoid panda eyes when eye liner smudges at the end of the day. I haven't tried it myself but it is definitely something I will test out. 

(Taken from Lancome Loves Color Press Release)

Intense color payoff

Fine particle pigments produced in special milling system achieves clear and intense payoff in one coat. At the same time the base formula can hold higher amount of pigment without loosing the soft & creamy texture.

Glossy finish

High-viscosity silicone oil is selected to deliver the glossy makeup result. This is so that eyes won’t look rough or powdery.

(1) High-lighting shade
(2) Middle shade
(3) Dark shade
(4) Top coat
(5) Liner shade

The palettes are super easy to use for make-up newbies. I own Noisette Lumiere and it is my go to neutral eye shadow palette for days I don't want to spend too much time thinking about matching eye shadow shades.

There are a total of 6 palettes, the two newest additions to the palettes are:

B10 Voute du Ciel
A30 Papilon Violette

Papilon Violette was used on the model for demonstration. I was really attracted to the palette, seems like the rest of the bloggers were too. I couldn't get my hands on it to check it out. I did get to play with the blue palette and the existing pink one.

I love the shimmery pink shade on the left hand side of the palette. So pretty! OMBRE ABSOLUE IMPACT 3D available at all leading departmental store in Singapore from 1st July and retails at $90

While  we were busy swatching, taking pictures and eating the delicious spread, the ladies at Lancome took polaroid pictures for us too. I was shy but I'm glad I did.  I loved my pictures! I wished I was brave enough to ask the ladies to take my picture with my camera instead. My pictures have never turned out so well before.

Finally, I was given a bag of goodies to take home and play with. 

Reviews coming soon!


  1. the goody bag excited me the most! LOL im thinking of getting the bi-facil makeup remover after i run out of my liole eye and lip MU remover.

    i hope you get to go to more blogger events! have a fun week ahead dear! :)

  2. Hi Georgina, yup I was so happy to bring that goody bag home with me. I'm loving everything in it. I do hope I get invited to more events :) have a great week yourself.

  3. You look great! I love your dress, it's really cute and fun. And of course the goody bag looks great!

  4. Thanks dear I've been getting my dresses from Delias they are quite affordable and suits my love for colourful dresses.


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