Monday, July 25, 2011

Chanel Byzance Collection 2011 Tokapi Swatches and Reviews

I am so glad I trekked to Metro Paragon to get this palette. I only own one other palette which is Oasis that came out in summer 2009 I think.

Tokapi comes in the signature classy black casing with a little difference, a black plastic inset to protect the eye shadows. Quick question, do you keep the insets that you find in many palettes or do you throw them away? I lose mine often.

These were taken when they were in pristine condition. 

Sheer gold
Dark chocolate
Shimmery bronze brown

Shimmering taupe
Being the impatient person that I am, I had to try them as soon as I can. My god! The shades are  buttery soft and oh so pigmented except for the gold colour. The gold shade is sheer and shimmery. Not meant for an all over lid colour but more of a highlight colour on top of the other colours or at the inner corner of the eyes.The rest of the colours have a rich metal look. Best of all, the taupe is so beautiful!  I love this palette.

No primer underneath

The sun was not cooperating. It kept coming and going. By the time I got some bright sunlight, my arm swatch had smudged.

This palette costs SGD $95. Ouch! I know but seriously it is well made and the colours compliment each other. You can do a light day look and transform it into a smouldering night look. It is more of a warm toned palette in my opinion but I bet it will suit almost everyone. Get it before it disappears.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Wah! not you too! i think i will succumb to this when i see it thats why im avoiding the department store recently. lol! nice photos and swatches and thank you for the review! :D

  2. Georgina, the gold had me at hello I just couldn't resist!

  3. You should totally get the Topkapi G! The silvery taupe color is back-up worthy!

    The Rouge & Or blushers on the other hand, can do without. Topkapi is pokemon!

  4. I totally agree with you on the blushers. Just too much work to make it work for my skin. I did an eye look with Tokapi recently. I'll be posting it soon ;)

  5. Especially if you are like me and have Rosecea. It's a pain having to cover the natural redness in my cheeks already ;_;

    I haven't touched my Topkapi yet, hopefully I will soon. It's just so beautiful! I know I would if I actually got a back-up, crazy but true.

  6. Girl I admire your self-restraint, I just love using new make up I'm very bad.

  7. I simply put new makeup into my drawer and I'll probably forget about them in a day or two, lol! I think I'm more excited at the prospect of buying new items than I am about using them. That sounds terrible :S

    TBH I'm caught between getting good pictures of the blog, accurate swatches and then an awesome LOTD. However LOTDs are not possible with my current DSLR as I can't figure out the settings to not flash me. My skin turns out all blotchy, oily (which I am not) and washed out. Hence if I cant blog about the item properly, I rather keep it untouched until I get an awesome point&shoot, else it's desecration LOL!

    I just realized we both got our quads at Metro Paragon! Muahaha.

  8. I can't take good pictures for nuts and the lighting situation in my house is terrible. I literally have to stick my arm out of the window. People must be wondering what is this crazy person doing. I can't do a full face shot, I look ugly. Far away shots are better but it means I can't do blush swatches on cheeks. Eye shots are also tricky for me. I just admire all those ladies who have mastered taking good pics of themselves.

  9. HAHA! I know what that feels like. I go outside of my house by the corridor to take my swatch pictures in daylight. In my ratty old sleep clothes. WIN!

    I'm thinking of getting an awesome point&shoot camera and that's it. People who take self-shots of themselves with DSLRs are salute-able, the bloody thing is so heavy! Try doing a half-face?

  10. Ever done swatching with your beauty mask still on? I win! ;)


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