Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chanel and Guerlain Haul

I'm a woman with no self-restraint. I have been shivering with anticipation over the new Chanel Illusion D'Ombres since news of them came out. When the make-up bloggette mentioned that they were out in Singapore, I knew I had to go down town to have a look at them for myself.

I already have some Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill coming my way so I didn't want to get things that would look similar. At least that was the plan. The plan was to get Emerville and perhaps a darker shadow. That's all.

Oops! As you can see, I got a little crazy. I blame it on the store lights, they made the swatches shimmer and shine. I think perhaps I was blinded by the lights and my brain did a shut down and went on auto buy mode.

As you can see, I went home with 4 pots instead of 2. Now for a little self-redemption. Tangs Orchard is having a three day beauty promotion. Every $100 you spend gets you a $10 beauty hall voucher. Illusion D'Ombres go for SGD$52. I scored myself $20 in vouchers which I promptly spent all on Guerlain Rouge Aromatique lipsticks. He! He! Rouge Aromatique lipsticks go for SGD$50.

My spirits were somewhat dampened at the Guerlain counter. The SA was determined to show my other lipsticks other that the Rouge Aromatiques until I specifically told her I wanted to try the RAs. It spoils my lipstick shopping expedition when I don't see names, instead I see numbers on lipsticks. It confuses the bimbo in me. Anyway, I wanted Champ Elysees 165 but it was out of stock. I still want Champ Elysees, it will be mine eventually, Mwah haha!

I will leave you with these pictures to tease you. I'm feeling "evil" today. Swatches and detailed pictures in the near future.


  1. hahaha! CHANEL does that to us, always puts us in auto buy mode! great haul! :)

  2. Hey Georgina, when it comes to buying cosmetics at beauty counters I always leave with more than I intend to buy.

  3. You = enabler. FULL STOP. I vote for the Guerlain lipsticks please!

    BTW, I played with the Chanel pottys ytd at Metro. Second thoughts, nice. Third thoughts, goodbye wallet!

  4. NICE! love your super haul!! :D can't wait to see the pics and swatches of these!


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