Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amazon Sephora and Nordstrom haul has arrived!

My hauls from Delias (not shown), Nordstrom and Amazon Sephora all arrived in the space of a few days. I am a happy happy woman right now.


From Nordstrom, I decided to stock up on my favourite skincare brand Kiehls'. They are so much cheaper to buy on-line in large quantities than in Singapore. I splurged and got some Le Metier De Beaute products. I bought the Crème Fresh Tint in Coral Nymph and the Penelope Eye Kit. I received some perfume samples too.

Amazon Sephora!

I could not wait for Sephora Singapore to stock all the shades besides I get them cheaper on-line too. I bought the MUFE Aqua Liners in Mat Black and Iridescent Navy and Stila's Sparkle Liner in Curacao.

Swatches and reviews soon, stay tuned!


  1. You hauled from Nordstrom's too! I got the Lancome set, the one with the quad. My first Lancome palette, haha. Thank goodness for the great US quality.

    I shipped the order (>USD600 -_-) to my friend in Oregon else I shudder to think at the amount of GST I gotta pay. My friends ordered the LMdB nail set and Chantecaille palettes, hence the amount lol.

    Did you get anything from Giorgio Armani's 20% F&F one-day sale? :D

  2. If I'm not mistaken GA website does not allow for international credit cards or else my house will be full of GA products especially the new Eyes To Kill. Did you manage to order things from the website?

    I love love Nordstrom! Especially their Lancome GWP and normal GWPs, so good for value!

  3. I did! My friend in the US ordered and I paid her via Paypal, hehe. Completed the missing gaps in my ETK collection.

    Do you know, your blog was one of the first few beauty blogs I read (and promptly forgot the link to) when I was searching for Armani foundations? I'm so glad to find you again!

    (Talk more about Armani over at my blog, hehe)

  4. Aw thanks I'm glad I'm worth looking up, I'm just happy to have people to chat with :)

  5. Nice hauls Jacqueline! Nordstrom always have great buys esp their GWPs... but still now I have not buy online from there.. coz it seem like the vpost charge will be very much did you pay for your shipping for the above parcel? By the way, you been attending Vichy Spa Water Workshop this coming 12th Aug?

  6. Hey Sharon :) How are you sweetie? I paid $48 in shipping for 3 dresses and the Nordstrom and Amazon Sephora package. There were a total of 10 items bought so it works out to $4.80 per item. That is how I justify buying more stuff, he he. I'm not attending that workshop. Honestly, I don't get invited to these things. Lancome is the only company that has invited me for product launches. I hope you have a great time though I'll "stalk" your blog and read about it. :)

  7. Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks I am fine ('',) $48 is still reasonable for the number of things you bought ... I always fear that the Vpost shipping may end up in hundreds, that is why until today I never buy from nordstrom or drugstore online. Coz just heard my friend paid US$140 to ship some baby products from US..OMG!! I know Nordstrom and Drugstore ship direct shipping to SG but the charge is ridiculous high :(

    Oh, the other day, the person in charge of Vichy was looking for more cotters to join the Spa Water Workshop and I thought of asking you along. (I was too late in replying to the email and she had found enough cotters to attend.)

    I don't have your contact/email, as I have got no outlook so I just leave you a comment here hoping you can see it. If you don't mind, can you drop me an email so that I know your email address. Easier for me to contact you next time too.

    Keep in touch! and hope to see you soon('',)


  8. Thanks Jacqueline for your email!! ('',) Me just figured out the google follower thingy, and just joined your site!('',)


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