Thursday, June 9, 2011

Staycation at Resorts World

My family had a mini staycation at Resorts World for the June holidays. I chose Festive Hotel because of the cool Family King room with the loft bed for children. My DS kicks a lot when he sleeps so this loft bed has ensured I have two nigths of undisturbed sleep.

Pretty orchids on the ceiling of our room
We had a great time at the Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool. It is a beautiful place for kids with slides and a beach feature.

We went crazy at Candylicious! So much candy!

The weather forecast predicted rain for the entire week. We were lucky that on the day we visited Universal Studios it was sunny. I am a big scaredy cat so I hate taking scary rides. The first ride of the day was the Canopy Ride at Jurassic Park. The nice attendant there said it was suitable for kids. Needless to say, I came out of it with shaky legs. DS was so freaked out he wouldn't get on any other rides. After a while we were able to persuade him to get on the mild rides.

There are shops outside Universal Studios. Mostly F & B outlets. Nothing much to shop. Right next to Festive Hotel, there is a tiny Victoria Secrets shop where I managed to get some body care products.

There is a nightly show at the waterfront. It lasts only 10 minutes.

View outside our balcony

You know, one thing about holidays, you wish it was longer. Happy June holidays!

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