Monday, June 6, 2011

Etude House Haul

I don't normally buy Korean beauty brands. I don't understand using pretty boys to sell cosmetics. It doesn't make sense to me. Etude House is one of the many Korean beauty brands in Singapore.

The entire store is pink and cutesy. Korean boy band music blasting inside. I think that kinda puts me off. I have read that Etude makes some pretty good bb creams and I was looking for one to give to a friend. She is very fair and most bb creams are just too dark for her. Etude House's bb creams usually come in two shades so I thought I would take a look and check it out.

There is a good range of bb creams available. The Etude Collagen Moistfull bb cream is one of their premium bb creams. I giggle at the misspelling and instructions in English. I picked this bb cream because of the collagen.

I walked around and couldn't resist picking up this glittery nail polish.

This is a mascara shield. Unfortunately, it is a dud for me. It is so hard to hold this and apply mascara at the same time. I need more than two hands to work it! It seemed like a good idea at the time. Boo!

The generous SA threw in many freebies. I was given two sets of the Collagen Moistfull trail kit that consists of the essence and cream.

A useful mirror, a sheet mask and a cutesy pen which I promptly gave away to my friend who likes cutesy things.

Have you bought anything from Etude House before?


  1. hmm let's see... I only have their proof10 e/s primer and eyeliner. Both waterproof. and good quality.

    As for why pretty boys? becoz pretty boys = drooling love....and anything that operates with pretty boys also = drooling love.
    Plus, knowing how most Asian girls love to collect anything and everything sporting their's no wonder EH sells this way.
    Annnd I'm a sucker for pretty Korean boys too! *_* Too bad that there are too many boybands and most of them disappears in a short time...i don't even bother memorizing their names anymore XDDDD

    BTW I'm maryinwonder, just the system won't let me comment with my google account X_X

  2. Hey Anna, it has happened to me before so irritating right? I guess I passed the stage of boy bands but still can't help drooling over Orlando bloom. I have dreams of Legolas rescuing me ;)

  3. XDDD yes, he was the prettiest as Legolas! *.* Brown/black hair makes him look ugly XD
    I'd love to dream of Jonny Depp rescuing me...or kidnapping me whatever he wants *.*
    oh nooooo "fantasy mode on"


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