Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ellis Faas Milky Eyes in E208 Swatches and Reviews

The final piece of my Ellis Faas review is the cream eye shadow Milky Eyes in E308. There are 3 different eye shadow formulations. Creamy eyes which is very pigmented and opaque, Milky eyes which is more translucent and generally used as a subtle wash of colour and Lights which is iridescent and pigmented. I have reviewed earlier here.

Milky eyes also come in the sleek click pen design. It took me along time to get product out of this one. It's nozzle looks slightly different from the blush nozzle. It is slanted and the nozzle holes are more visible.

I turned the pen for a few days before I finally had product come out and when it did brown squiggles came out. Naturally, there was too much product for me.

I chose E308 because it was one of the lighter shades. Do not rely on the online swatch, they do not match to what you get in real life. I was expecting it to be a pinky brown shade. E308 is a camel brown that is surprising glowy and darker than I expected. I expected a light subtle wash. It is a shade with no shimmer or sparkles.

Of all the Ellis Faas products I bought, I love the Milky Eye best. It was so blendable and creamy. Once on, it glows and stays put without creasing or smudging! I love how long-wearing it is.

I wish Milky Eyes was cheaper. It costs USD $36, SGD $44.50 for 2.8 ml of product. It is very expensive. Considering how erratic the dispensing mechanism is, it is not worth the price.

The shade range is also a little blah for me. It features mostly natural shades of various browns, black and navy blue. As much as I like Milky Eyes a lot, I don't think I will be getting anymore shades. Nothing is calling to me. Maybe if they made a light pink shade I'll be all over it.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

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