Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dior Addict in 545 Fire review and swatches


I have been bugging the SA at Vivocity every time I go there for this lippie. There is never any stocks even when she promised that she would bring it in for me. I got tired of waiting and decided to try my luck at Tangs Orchard and viola I am a proud owner of Fire.

This was the lipstick that made me venture into trying Dior Addicts. I had to try this shade because I have a terribly obsessive compulsion to own all orange and coral lipsticks. I am glad I took the effort to get this because it is such a special orange shade.

Left: Sheer swatch
Right: Heavier swatch

It is a creamy and glossy sheer orange with no shimmer at all. Just the way I like it. I don't really like shimmer in lipsticks.

Fire with MAS Spice lip liner

I have pigmented lips so unfortunately Fire isn't as bright on me. More of a muted orange. I bet fair skinned ladies will have a blast with Fire. I used MAC Spice lip liner underneath so it does not look as orange like in the tube.

Fire with MUFE Aqua Lip Liner in 17C

For the above lip swatch, I covered a thin layer of GA Luminous Silk foundation and added MUFE Aqua lip liner. The colour looks brighter now. I think I am going to experiment to see how I can bring out the true colour of Fire. I definitely intend to use a concealer under Fire. I don't particularly like the MUFE Aqua lip liner. It is drying and leaves a very obvious lip line. I prefer a creamy lip liner. 

Chanel Coco Shine in Sari D'eau on the far left

I took out Chanel Sari D'eau for a comparison. Sari D'eau is a tad darker has a hint of red coral. It is has a pearly finish instead of a creamy glossy finish.

Fire is truly a unique orange shade for summer. Because it is both sheer and creamy it is a lot more forgiving and easier to experiment with. You can do a muted orange to a full blown orange depending on what you layer underneath it. I am loving the new Dior Addicts especially the ones without shimmer. Although they don't last long, they make you lips look juicy and healthy. Definitely a worthy splurge!

Bluebell and Fruity Lashes have the best lip swatches on fair skin and arm swatches too. My camera didn't do it justice. Check them out!

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. argh again you picked a color I would never even consider swatching at the counter, shy away from it, run screaming from it, etc, etc.
    But it's sheer and hey it looks good on you! Luky~ ^.^

  2. My dear hubby says I'm getting old that's why I'm gravitating towards brights. Humph! I love experimenting with colours! Anyway I bet you would look fantastic in bright lip colours.

  3. Haha i also find that as i've progressed from my late teens where i could pull off much lighter lip colours (think pale cool-toned barbie type pinks) towards deeper pinks/rose shades. the lighter colours i used to favour now wash me out quite badly and make me look tired :( had to clear out quite a portion of my previous stash because of this!

  4. hey jacq! currently i'm mainly using my MAC slimshines which are probably one of my all time favourite MAC products, too bad they're discontinued! I think i've got about 6 different shades and they all work quite well. they look really bright in the tube, are super pigmented and nicely creamy. i usually just dot on lips and rub my lips together a bit to get a stained effect that isn't too pigmented (and doesn't require a liner :P). mainly using Rock Out now which is a deep neutral-cool raspberry pink with faint shimmer. another of my faves is Guerlain Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss in Fleur de Feu (also LE! and a real MUA favourite). otherwise most of my l/s are from MAC and i like Pink Cabana, Sweetie and Flowerplay particularly right now :)

  5. Hey Rachel, I used Slim shines and I liked their creaminess. So you are into pinks. Thanks for the Guerlain suggestion, I'll go check them out.


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