Friday, June 3, 2011

Detergent for makeup sponges review

I went to Daiso recently hunting for the makeup sponge cleanser that a fellow blogger Haru pointed me to. (Thanks girl!) I'm not sure if this is the one that she is talking about but it was the only one I could find at that point in time. It is really cheap! SGD $2 for a 80 ml bottle.

Time to take out my dirty sponges. From the left to right, my Giorgio Armani loose powder puff, the generic makeup sponge I use to blend my foundation with and the Lancome sponge from my Macqui Miracle compact.

I realised that this amount is not enough to get my puff to foam properly. I had to use twice the amount. I massaged the detergent into the puff and rinsed it with water. I made sure I washed it thoroughly because leaving any residue would be a disaster to my skin.

Viola! Clean powder puff.
The other two makeup sponges did not need as much product as the powder puff. I could see all the residual foundation coming out. It was very satisfying!

Almost good as new. I bet if I used more product, all the foundation residue will come off.

This is a wonderful nifty little product that does what it is supposed to at a ridiculous price of $2. What is there not to love!

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Hi,
    Yup that's the one that I was referring to! When cleaning makeup sponges, I wet the sponge first and then squeeze a dollop of the detergent onto the sponge and then squeeze and rub the edges together. If that's not enough to get all the makeup out, I rinse and repeat. A friend gifted me with this detergent and the bottle has lasted me for ages :)

  2. Hey Haru, thanks so much for recommending this to me. I will try it your way. I was actually thinking of stocking up on this.

  3. i have this too! and i love using it to clean my foundation sponge, cause it takes all the yucky foundation residue out of the sponge and makes it look new again! haha

    i think i have 3 bottles of this, bought 2 and the other one was given by a tweetheart from SG! :D

  4. Hey coffretgorge, great minds think alike huh? :) What is a tweetheart? That sounds so cute.

  5. arrrgh I wish this balcanic shitty country of mine had such products too! It's disgusting to look at my one and only powder puff @_@
    And you have it for dirt cheap! Now I'm seriously jealous =D


  6. Hey Anna before this I used my soap worked well too.

  7. I'm not sure if this is helpful but you honestly do not need to use that much. I fill a small container less than half full with water and just use 2-3 drops. I swirl my brushes and leave them to soak.
    Everything goes off after I rinse them out. I prefer not to dilute it since using them 'pure' seems to leave a film on my brushes.

  8. Hi Belle thanks for your suggestion, that would save me a lot of detergent. I'll try it out and report if it works for my brushes.


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