Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini hauls from Watsons and Sasa

I was inspired to seek out My Beauty Diary sheet masks after a lovely blogger (Kimoko of Taciturnity Serenity) gave me some of her stash to try. I love them. I love the wide range that My Beauty Dairy has. I found these at Watson's Vivocity.

I bought the Black Pearl ones for SGD $14.50. There are 10 sheets inside.It is supposed to soften and whiten skin and restore skin's resilience and elasticity.

I saw boxes of assorted My Beauty Diary sheets and grabbed on as well. These go for SGD $24.50 for 17 sheets.

I don't know what made me get this. Curiosity I guess. I wanted to do a swatch and see how good it was. This was selling for SGD $29.50.

I also popped into Sasa and grabbed those. They looked quite natural and were much cheaper than my favourite Ardell's. I bought this for SGD $26. There are a total of 10 pairs inside.

Did you do any drugstore hauling recently?


  1. yay for the facial masks! good choices~ hahah

    i really lik Skin79's Gold version of that BB cream. Even though some people don't really like the grayish hue of the cream, but i'm perfectly fine with it and I love it! Hopefully you will enjoy it too~

  2. Actually I love all the bb creams I try. I am liking this pink version too.


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