Friday, May 13, 2011

Foundation swatches and thoughts

I realise that my foundation stash has been growing lately. I currently have 7. From left to right, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 5.5, Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in shade 3, Lasting Silk UV Foundation in 5.5 and 7, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 123 - Desert, Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation in O-04 and finally Lancome Macqui Miracle in O-03.

These are things I look out for in my foundation
  • sheer to medium coverage
  • light weight
  • oil control
  • long lasting
  • good colour match
Please take note that I have normal combination skin and no oil control issues and many acne scars and sun spots. I was a NC35, now NC30.

Sheer coverage foundations

This is a gel foundation that is very sheer and has very good oil control. It does not cover my acne scars and requires a concealer. Best for ladies with good skin who needs to even out their skin tone. Not the best colour match for me now, it is darker but because it is very sheer, it blends out quite nicely without looking too dark on me. There is no need for primers because this glides very smoothly. There is no need for loose powder to set either. I love using this when I go to the beach and want to look a little polished. 5 shades.

This watery foundation gives sheer to medium coverage. It gives a glow. It covers my acne scars better than Face Fabric but not by much. A tad lighter than my normal skin tone but again because it is sheer it blends into my skin well. This also a foundation I can get away with blending with my fingers which I feel is the best way to apply it.  I can't layer this just because it will start to look too fair on me. Oil control lasts for about 4 to 5 hours. Another great foundation for weekend outings. 19 shades

This is the most convenient and easiest foundation to apply. I also use this for touch ups. It is matte and gives a pore less finish. It can appear cakey if you apply too much. Great oil control. A little less unhygienic because of the compact sponge. I must always make sure it is cleaned every week. 8 shades

Medium coverage foundations

This is a light-weight water based foundation. It has a runny consistency that makes it easy to blend. It covers my acne scars but still allows my skin to show through. It is not mask like with excellent oil control. I can apply more for better coverage and still looks natural on me. It can last a good 10 hours with minimal blotting. 8 shades

This is slightly thicker than the Lasting Silk Foundation. Still light-weight but needs a little more effort to blend. Whenever I apply this, I feel that my skin is more radiant. Oil control lasted for about 4 to 5 hours. I can't do full coverage for this, it looks a little fair on me. I do not like the fact that the shade selection is very small. I'm using the darkest shade available in Singapore. 7 shades listed in the Singapore website and 20 shades listed in US websites with both sites using different codes for shades.

Full coverage foundation

This covers everything. I do not need any concealer. It needs a primer and has to be blended a bit at a time. The best way for me to apply this is using a damp sponge. Using a brush makes me look cakey and emphasizes my fine lines when I look very closely at the mirror. Oil control is excellent, I can go without blotting for about 10 hours. The shade is a little yellow but still matches my skin tone naturally. This foundation is the best for photography, really makes your skin look flawless when it actually isn't. 26 shades

Left to right:

GA Luminous Silk in 5.5, GA Lasting Silk in 5.5, 7, GA Face Fabric in 3, Lancome Teint Miracle O-04 and MUFE HD in 123- Desert.

GA foundations are more beige pink, Lancome and MUFE tend to be more yellow.

Lancome Macqui Miracle is the most expensive of the lot at SGD $92 because of the compact that you have to buy at the beginning. GA foundations comes next. At USD $59, they are difficult to access to in Singapore. MUFE follows at SGD $75 or USD $40 then finally Teint Miracle at SGD $66 or USD $37.

Buying online is definitely cheaper but with all foundations you should get yourself colour matched accurately. As I found out, you don't stay the same shade forever, get yourself matched every time you get yourself a new bottle.


  1. Hi Jacqueline, I just came across your blog and I am a big fan as we have similar skintype and skin concerns. I am living in Sydney and my skin plays up depending on the season so I am always on the hunt for a good foundation.

    My fave foundations are from Prescriptive however the brand is no longer around and I am devastated. So far I have only tried a few foundations my whole life, other than Prescriptives, I havent found my HG. From what I can remember, I have tried Loreal True Match (not bad, but not much swatches in Aus nor Asia!), Revlon (too pink) and after many years of Prescriptives, now I am using Shu Uemura Face Architect. Shu is good for yellowtones and not too drying, however the coverage is not as good as I want it to be.

    I am definitely trying Makeup Forever HD when I am in New York next month, but am worried about the drying effect.

    My question is, have you tried any Bobbi Brown foundations? They have revamped their oil-free foundation and I have been hearing good things.

    Thanks Jacqueline, xx Rena

  2. Hey Rena, goodday sweetie! Nope I haven't tried any Bobbi Brown foundations though. Are you looking for full coverage foundations? If you contact me at my email address, I'll be happy to sent you a sample of the Make up For Ever foundation for you to try, if you don't mind it being housed in a contact lens casing.

  3. Hi Jacqueline,
    Oh thanks for your offer, dont worry about sending me a sample... Im in Sydney so it will cost you too much just to send that sample over! Thanks so much that's very sweet of you :)
    Im glad that I stumble across your blog, I'll continue to read it everyday! xx Rena


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