Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ellis Faas LIght in E305 review and swatches

Lights is one of the more expensive eye products from Ellis Faas, costing USD $42. There are a total of 5 shades. E301 - bright silver, E302 - gold with hints of green, E303 - bronze, E304 - lilac and E305 - duo chrome of green and brown. I picked E305 because it looked interesting.

The pen is about 15 cm long. You cannot fit this into any regular makeup pouch. You can probably use this as a weapon though.

There is a turning mechanism. It clicks when you turn. You have to turn this until the product comes out. You have to be careful when you turn, if the product decides to come out, it literally gushes out if you turn too many times. But it took me so many turns before anything came out. I think I turned it a good 15 minutes intermittently before I saw product coming out. My other pens were a disaster. My other eye shadow pen refused to work. My blush pen hemorrhaged to the point that all the product came out and dried out. (Sigh) I hate the turning mechanism. I think Ellis Faas should work on it more.

I hate the brush too. Look at it! The bristles are sticking out.  They look and feel cheap. I cut the stray ones so it would look better.

I love the colour though. The duo chrome green and brown is very complex and beautiful. I apply this using the brush directly onto my eye lids. it dries quickly so I need to blend quickly. In order to soften the sharp edges I apply another cream base over this to blend. It doesn't smudge and is crease resistant. It is not water proof though. I ran my swatch with water and rubbed it, it came right off.

I compared it with two other duo chrome MAC pigments in Green Brown and Blue Brown.

Left to right: MAC pigment Green Brown, Ellis Faas E305 and MAC Pigment Blue Brown.

After running it with water

As you can see E305 is very pigmented and intense.

I like the concept of the pen. It looks sleek. Unfortunately it is not handy enough to be kept in most makeup pouches. But I don't love the clicking mechanism. When I want to use it, I turn the pen, the product doesn't come out immediately. I need to run the brush over my hand a few times before I get product. Then when I don't need it, extra product comes out. Product wastage! I can't precisely control the amount of product I need. It pains my wallet as this costs USD $42 for a measly 2.5 ml. I can't see how much product is left and throwing the empty pen away after it finishes feels like such a waste. I like the colour but not enough to pay USD $42 for it. Not buying any more of this!

Ratings: 2 lipsticks

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