Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visit to Browhaus

I let my brows grow to a untidy mess.

I hate untame brows. Brows make or break the whole face. Going out with makeup but ungroomed brows just makes me feel half dressed.

I love eye brow threading. It takes a longer time for the hairs to grow back and it is super clean. It is however quite painful especially when it is for upper lip threading. I always come out of the experience in tears. My regular "eye brow" always jokes that she makes me cry every time I see her.

I didn't go to her this time because I wanted to combine a shopping trip with it so decided to head for Browhaus at Wheelock Place. You should always call and make an appointment before you go. I didn't and almost couldn't get my brows done. I was lucky that a regular client was running late and so they could squeeze me it.

The one thing I was pleasantly surprised was how painless the whole process was. Even the upper lip threading was less painful. Yenn the threading specialist accounted it for the special technique they used. I'm sold.

My overall exprience was very good, the outlet was conducive and comfortable. The staff polite and friendly. I felt that I was in good hands throughout. I was quite clueless about what I wanted. I asked for natural brows and was pleased with the results. After threading, some cooling ointment was applied to lessen the redness and discomfort.

I was sweet talked into buying a package.

You like?


  1. I love your eyebrow shape, they did it very well. I guess it really depends which therapist you go to. I always request for an Indian therapist because they're quicker (and hence less painful). I wish they had more affordable brow threading here in Copenhagen. Everything here is so expensive!

  2. Hey Tracy, I did not know you were in Copenhagen wow! How is the cosmetics and beauty scene there? I always complain about paying more for cosmetics but I'm glad that threading costs SGD $15 here. I was pleasantly surprised that it was much cheaper than what I usually pay and less painful.


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